Presbyterian Free Church of Central India

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The Presbyterian Free Church of Central India (formerly known as the Free Church of Central India) is a confessional Reformed denomination in India, created by Scottish missionaries.

The Free Church of Scotland created this church in Central India in the end of the 19th century. The denomination has churches in Jabalpur and other small villages like Chhapara and Lakhadon, where it runs schools with hundreds of pupils. The Church is involved in hospitals and medical work in the region. The church was known as the "Free Church in Central India" until 2007 when the church become the Presbyterian Free Church of Central India. The denomination subscribes the Westminster Confession of Faith (1647) and has one regional Presbytery.[1]

The church is a member of the World Reformed Fellowship[2] and the International Conference of Reformed Churches[3]

The denomination currently has 4 congregations and several house fellowships, 500 members and 4 pastors.[4]


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