Prescott F. Hall

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Prescott F. Hall
Prescott F. Hall.jpg
Born (1868-09-27)September 27, 1868
Boston, Massachusetts
Died (1921-05-28)May 28, 1921
Brookline, Massachusetts
Nationality American
Citizenship United States
Alma mater Harvard University
Occupation Lawyer, writer
Spouse(s) Eva Lucyle Irby
Parent(s) Samuel Farnsworth Hall, Mary Elisabeth Hall

Prescott Farnsworth Hall (27 September 1868 – 28 May 1921) was an American lawyer and author.

Career overview[edit]

After preparation at G. W. Noble's School in Boston he entered Harvard, graduating from the College in 1889 and from the Law School in 1892. In May, 1894 he became one of the founders and first secretary of the Immigration Restriction League. He was also a member of the American Society for Psychical Research, the Bostonian Society and the American Genetic Association. Prescott Hall was a recognized authority on economics and legal matters, in addition to taking an active part in psychical research. Hall is known today primarily for his role in the Immigration Act of 1917 and his advocacy for eugenics.



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