Present from You

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Present from You
Compilation album by Bump of Chicken
Released June 18, 2008
Length 1:07:34 (without hidden track)
Label Toy's Factory
Bump of Chicken chronology
Orbital Period
(2007)Orbital Period2007
Present from You
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
AllMusic 4/5 stars[2]

Present from You is a B-side collection by Bump of Chicken, released on June 18, 2008.

Track listing[edit]

Orbital Period[3][4]
No. Title Length
1. "Laugh Maker" (ラフ・メイカー, Rafu Meikaa) 3:47
2. "Bye Bye Thank You" (バイバイサンキュー, Baibai Sankyuu) 5:01
3. "Kanojo to Hoshi no isu" (彼女と星の椅子, She and the Star Chair) 3:34
4. "Holiday" (ホリデイ, Horidei) 3:25
5. "Ever Lasting Lie" (Acoustic Version) 8:38
6. "Suimin Jikan" (睡眠時間, Time to Sleep) 4:37
7. "Yume no Kainushi" (夢の飼い主, The Dream's Owner) 4:45
8. "Snow Smile (Ringing Version)" (スノースマイル ~Ringing Version~, Sunoo sumairu) 5:47
9. "Ginga tetsudou" (銀河鉄道, Galactic Railroad) 6:33
10. "Makkana sora wo mitadarouka" (真っ赤な空を見ただろうか, Have You Seen the Red Sky?) 3:59
11. "Toukyou Sanka" (東京賛歌, Tokyo Hymn) 3:51
12. "Garasu no Buruusu (28 years round)" (ガラスのブルース (28 years round), Glass Blues (28 Years Round)) 8:08
13. "Present" (プレゼント, Purezento) 4:52
14. "Believe (Demo Tape Version)" (Believe デモテープ編, (Hidden track)) 6:22
Total length: 1:13:56


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