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President of
the Republic of Azerbaijan
Standard of the President of Azerbaijan.svg
Standard of the President
Munich Security Conference 2010 - dett aliyew 0014.jpg
Ilham Aliyev

since 31 October 2003
Residence Baku, Azerbaijan
Term length Five years, renewable optional
Inaugural holder Ayaz Mutalibov
Formation 30 August 1991
Website The President of Azerbaijan
Standard as Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces
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The country of Azerbaijan is a presidential republic, with the President of Azerbaijan as the head of state, and the Prime Minister of Azerbaijan as head of government. The current President of Azerbaijan is Ilham Aliyev.

The Constitution states that the president will be the embodiment of executive power, commander-in-chief, "representative of Azerbaijan in home and foreign policies", and that he "shall have the right of immunity [from prosecution]." The president rules through his office at Presidential Apparatus, consisting of a group of secretaries and departmental ministers. Additionally, there is a Cabinet of Ministers (regarding economic and social policy) and a Security Council (regarding foreign, military, and judicial matters).

Chief military advisors to the President of Azerbaijan have included: Turkish Air Force Brig. Gen. Yasar Demirbulak (1992–1994), Maj. Gen. Nuraddin Sadykhov (1993–1999), Col. Gen. Tofig Aghahuseynov (1997–2002) and National Security Lt. Gen. Vahid Aliyev (since April 2002).

Among the agencies directly subordinate to the President is the Special State Protection Service.

Presidents of the Republic of Azerbaijan (1991–present)[edit]

For leaders before independence, see List of leaders of Azerbaijan
# Name Photo Term start
Term end
Political party

(at time of appointment)

1 Ayaz Mutallibov Ayaz Mutalibov 1992.jpg 30 August 1991 6 March 1992 Independent
Yaqub Mammadov
Standard of the President of Azerbaijan.svg 6 March 1992 14 May 1992 Independent
Ayaz Mutallibov Ayaz Mutalibov 1992.jpg 14 May 1992 18 May 1992 Independent
Isa Gambar
Isa Gambar (1).jpg 19 May 1992 16 June 1992 Azerbaijani Popular Front Party
2 Abulfaz Elchibey Abulfaz Elchibey.jpg 16 June 1992 1 September 1993 Azerbaijani Popular Front Party
3 Heydar Aliyev Heydar Aliyev 1997.jpg 3 October 1993 31 October 2003 New Azerbaijan Party
4 Ilham Aliyev Lech Kaczynski Ilham Alijew (09).jpg 31 October 2003 Incumbent New Azerbaijan Party

Last election[edit]

Candidate Party Votes %
Ilham Aliyev New Azerbaijan Party 3,126,113 84.54
Jamil Hasanli National Council of Democratic Forces 204,642 5.53
Igbal Aghazade Party of Hope 88,723 2.40
Gudrat Hasanguliyev Whole Azerbaijan Popular Front Party 73,702 1.99
Zahid Oruj Independent 53,839 1.45
Ilyas Ismayılov Justice Party 39,722 1.07
Araz Alizade Social Democratic Party 32,069 0.87
Faraj Guliyev National Revival Movement Party 31,926 0.86
Hafiz Hajiyev Modern Equality Party 24,461 0.66
Sardar Mammadov Azerbaijan Democratic Party 22,773 0.62
Invalid/blank votes 36,622
Total 3,734,592 100
Registered voters/turnout 5,214,787 71.62
Source: CEC


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