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President of the
Republic of Benin
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Yayi Boni.jpg
Yayi Boni

since 6 April 2006
Term length 5 years, renewable once
Inaugural holder Hubert Maga
Formation 31 December 1960
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This article lists the heads of state of Benin, since the establishment of the office of President in 1960.

Presidents of Benin (1960–present)[edit]

(Dates in italics indicate de facto continuation of office)

Tenure Portrait Incumbent Affiliation Notes
Republic of Dahomey
(République de Dahomé)
Independent from France
1 August 1960 to 31 December 1960 Coutoucou Hubert Maga, Head of State RDD
31 December 1960 to 27 October 1963 Coutoucou Hubert Maga, President 1st Term
27 October 1963 to 28 October 1963 Provisional Government:-
Coutoucou Hubert Maga, Head of the Provisional Government RDD Deposed in a coup d'état
Sourou-Migan Apithy PRD
Justin Ahomadegbé-Tomêtin UDD
28 October 1963 to 25 January 1964 General Christophe Soglo, Head of the Provisional Government Mil 1st Term
25 January 1964 to 27 November 1965 Sourou-Migan Apithy, President PD Forced to resign by Gen. Christophe Soglo
27 November 1965 to 29 November 1965 Justin Ahomadegbé-Tomêtin, acting President PD 1st Term
29 November 1965 to 22 December 1965 Tahirou Congacou, acting President PD
22 December 1965 to 19 December 1967 General Christophe Soglo, President Mil 2nd Term
19 December 1967 to 20 December 1967 Jean-Baptiste Hachème, Chairman of the Revolutionary Committee Mil
20 December 1967 to 21 December 1967 Lieutenant-Colonel Iropa Maurice Kouandété, Head of State Mil 1st Term
21 December 1967 to 17 July 1968 Alphonse Amadou Alley, Head of State Mil
17 July 1968 to 10 December 1969 Émile Derlin Henri Zinsou, President Nominated by the military regime; Deposed in a coup d'état
10 December 1969 to 13 December 1969 Major Iropa Maurice Kouandété, Chief-of-Staff of the Army Mil 2nd Term
13 December 1969 to 7 May 1970 Paul-Émile de Souza, Chairman of the Directory Mil
7 May 1970 to 7 May 1972 Major Coutoucou Hubert Maga, Chairman of the Presidential Council RDD 2nd Term; Presidential Council formed after Presidential elections abandoned
7 May 1972 to 26 October 1972 Justin Ahomadegbé-Tomêtin, Chairman of the Presidential Council PD 2nd Term; Deposed in a coup d'état
26 October 1972 to 30 November 1975 Mathieu Kérékou 2006Feb10.JPG Major Mathieu Kérékou, President Mil/PRPB 1st Term
People's Republic of Benin  (République populaire du Benin)
30 November 1975 to 1 March 1990 Mathieu Kérékou 2006Feb10.JPG General Mathieu Kérékou, President Mil/PRPB 1st Term
Republic of Benin  (République du Benin)
1 March 1990 to 4 April 1991 Mathieu Kérékou 2006Feb10.JPG General Mathieu Kérékou, President PPRB 1st Term
4 April 1991 to 4 April 1996 Nicéphore Soglo - mars 2012.jpg Nicéphore Dieudonné Soglo, President UTRD/PRB
4 April 1996 to 6 April 2006 Mathieu Kérékou 2006Feb10.JPG General Mathieu Kérékou, President FARD 2nd Term
6 April 2006 to Present Yayi Boni.jpg Thomas Yayi Boni, President n-p


FARD Front d'Action pour le Rénouveau et le Développement
            (Action for Renewal and Development) leftist
PD Parti Démocratique
            (Democratic Party) merger of PRD and UDD 1964
PRB Parti de la renaissance du Bénin
      (Benin Rebirth Party) centrist
UTRD Union pour le Triomphe du Renouveau Démocratique
            (Union for the Triumph of Democratic Renewal)
PRD Parti du Rénouveau Démocratique
            (Democratic Renewal Party)
PRPB Parti de la Révolution Populaire du Bénin
            (People's Revolutionary Party of Benin) communist, only legal party 1979-1990
RDD Rassemblement Démocratique du Dahomé
            (Dahomey Democratic Rally)
UDD Union Démocratique du Dahomé
            (Dahomey Democratic Union)
Mil Military
n-p non-partisan
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