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President of Autonomous Republic of Crimea
Президент Республіки Крим
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Yuriy Meshkov
Appointer Direct popular vote
Formation 16 February 1994
First holder Yuriy Meshkov
Final holder Yuriy Meshkov
Abolished 17 March 1995
Succession Vice-Prime Minister of Crimea
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The President of the Republic of Crimea (Ukrainian: Президент Республіки Крим; Russian: Президент Республики Крым) was the head of the state of the Republic of Crimea, Ukraine from February 16, 1994 to the time of its liquidation on March 17, 1995.[1][2] The post was liquidated as it disagrees with the Constitution of Ukraine.[citation needed]

The first round of voting in the Crimean presidential elections was held on January 16, 1994, and on January 30, the second round was held. With 72.9% of the vote,[3][4] the pro-Russian politician Yuriy Meshkov was declared the winner. He was the only person to hold the post of President of the Republic of Crimea.