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President of the
Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste
Presidente da República  (Portuguese)
Prezidente Republika  (Tetum)
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2019-05-24 José Ramos-Horta (cropped).jpg
José Ramos-Horta

since 20 May 2022
StyleHis Excellency
StatusHead of state
ResidenceNicolau Lobato Presidential Palace
AppointerDirect election
Term lengthFive years, renewable once[1]
Constituting instrumentConstitution of East Timor
PrecursorGovernor of East Timor
First holder
Abolished17 July 1976; 46 years ago (1976-07-17) (Indonesian invasion of East Timor)
SalaryUS$30,000 annually[2]

The president of the Democratic Republic of Timor Leste (Portuguese: Presidente da República Democrática de Timor-Leste; Tetum: Prezidente Republika Demokratika Timor-Leste) is the head of state of the Democratic Republic of Timor Leste. The executive powers of the president are limited however, the president is also the ex officio head of the Council of State, able to veto legislation and is the supreme commander of the Timor Leste Defence Force.


Political parties
Other factions
  • † Assassinated

Presidents of East Timor during War for Independence[edit]

No. Portrait Name
Elected Term of office Political party
Took office Left office Time in office
1 Francisco Xavier do Amaral.jpg Francisco Xavier do Amaral
28 November 1975 7 December 1975 9 days Fretilin
2 Stamp of Nicolau dos Reis Lobato (cropped).jpg Nicolau dos Reis Lobato
7 December 1975 31 December 1978†[a] 3 years, 24 days Fretilin

Presidents of the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste[edit]

No. Portrait Name
Elected Term of office Political party
Took office Left office Time in office
1 Xanana Gusmão - Presidência da República de Timor-Leste (2002).png Xanana Gusmão
(born 1946)
2002 20 May 2002 20 May 2007 5 years, 0 days Independent
2 José Ramos Horta, Presidência da República de Timor-Leste (2007).png José Ramos-Horta
(born 1949)[b]
2007 20 May 2007 20 May 2012 5 years Independent
Vicente da Silva Guterres small3.jpg Vicente Guterres
(born 1956)
Ad interim[c]
11 February 2008 13 February 2008 2 days CNRT
Fernando de Araújo.jpg Fernando de Araújo
Ad interim[c]
13 February 2008 17 April 2008 64 days PD
3 Taur Matan Ruak - Presidência da República de Timor-Leste (2012).jpg Taur Matan Ruak
(born 1956)
2012 20 May 2012 20 May 2017 5 years Independent
4 President of Timor Leste Francisco Guterres.jpg Francisco Guterres
(born 1954)
2017 20 May 2017 20 May 2022 5 years Fretilin
5 2022-04-19 José Ramos-Horta (cropped).jpg José Ramos-Horta
(born 1949)
2022 20 May 2022 Incumbent 87 days CNRT

Latest election[edit]

The second round of the election was held on 19 April 2022. The runoff was between José Ramos-Horta, a former president, and the incumbent Francisco Guterres. In the runoff Ramos-Horta prevailed with 62.1% of the vote.[3]

CandidatePartyFirst roundSecond round
José Ramos-HortaNational Congress for Timorese Reconstruction303,47746.56398,02862.10
Francisco GuterresFretilin144,28222.13242,93937.90
Armanda Berta dos SantosKmanek Haburas Unidade Nasional Timor Oan56,6908.70
Lere Anan TimurIndependent49,3147.57
Mariano Sabino LopesDemocratic Party47,3347.26
Anacleto Bento FerreiraDemocratic Republic of Timor-Leste Party13,2052.03
Martinho Germano da Silva GusmãoUnited Party for Development and Democracy8,5981.32
Hermes da Rosa Correia BarrosIndependent8,0301.23
Milena PiresIndependent5,4300.83
Isabel da Costa FerreiraIndependent4,2190.65
Felizberto Araújo DuarteIndependent2,7090.42
Constâncio da Conceção PintoIndependent2,5200.39
Rogerio LobatoIndependent2,0580.32
Virgílio da Silva GuterresIndependent1,7200.26
Antero Benedito SilvaIndependent1,5620.24
Ángela FreitasIndependent7110.11
Valid votes651,85998.16640,96799.16
Invalid/blank votes12,2471.845,4220.84
Total votes664,106100.00646,389100.00
Registered voters/turnout859,61377.26859,92575.17
Source: CNE, CNE

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  1. ^ Killed by the special forces of the Indonesian military.
  2. ^ Incapacitated from 11 February to 17 April 2008.
  3. ^ a b Served as President during the 2008 assassination attempts.


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