President of Extremadura

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President of Extremadura
Flag of Extremadura.svg
Flag of Extremadura
Guillermo Fernández Vara

since 2015
Inaugural holder Luis Ramallo
Formation 1978

The President of Extremadura is the head of government of the Spanish autonomous community of Extremadura.

Guillermo Fernández Vara from PSOE is the current President of Extremadura; he was elected with the support of Podemos

List of Presidents of Extremadura[edit]

Name[1] Took Office Party
Luis Ramallo June 1978 UCD
Manuel Bermejo December 1980 UCD
Juan Carlos Rodríguez Ibarra December 1982 PSOE
Guillermo Fernández Vara July 2007 PSOE
José Antonio Monago Terraza July 2011 PP
Guillermo Fernández Vara July 2015 PSOE


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