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President of Veneto
Luca Zaia

since 30 March 2010
ResidencePalazzo Balbi, Venice
Term lengthFive years, no term limits
Inaugural holderAngelo Tomelleri (1970)
FormationItalian Constitution

The President of Veneto is the supreme authority of Veneto, a Region of Italy.


Originally appointed by the Regional Council of Veneto, since 1995 de facto and 2000 de jure, the President is elected by popular vote every five years under universal suffrage: in regional elections the candidate who receives a plurality of votes is elected.

The office is connected to the Regional Council, which is elected contextually: one fifth of the assembly seats are generally reserved to his supporters, which are wholesale elected concurrently with the President. The Council and the President are linked by an alleged relationship of confidence: if the President resigns or he is dismissed by the Council, a snap election is called for both the legislative and the executive offices, because in no case the two bodies can be chosen separately.


The President of Veneto promulgates regional laws and regulations. He can receive special administrative functions by the national government. The President is one of the eighty members of the Regional Council and, in this capacity, he can propose new laws.

The President appoints and dismiss the Regional Government (called Giunta Regionale in Italian). The Cabinet is composed by no more than eight regional assessors (assessori, regional ministers) who can be contextually members of the Council. One assessor can be appointed Vice President.

The Regional Government prepares the budget, appoints the boards of public regional agencies and companies, manages assets, develops projects of governance, and resorts to the Constitutional Court of Italy if it thinks that a national law may violate regional powers. The President and the Government are two different authorities of the Region: in matters within its competence, the Government has the power to vote to give its approval.

Current government[edit]

Zaia II Government
Office Name Party
President Luca Zaia Liga Veneta
Vice President Gianluca Forcolin Liga Veneta
Minister of Budget and Local Government Gianluca Forcolin Liga Veneta
Minister of Health and Social Programs Luca Coletto (until December 2018) Liga Veneta
Manuela Lanzarin (since January 2019) Liga Veneta
Minister of Economic Development and Energy Roberto Marcato Liga Veneta
Minister of Public Works, Infrastructures and Transports Elisa De Berti Liga Veneta
Minister of Agriculture, Hunting and Fishing Giuseppe Pan Liga Veneta
Minister of Education and Labour Elena Donazzan Forza Italia
Minister of Social Affairs Manuela Lanzarin Liga Veneta
Minister of EU Programs, Tourism and International Trade Federico Caner Liga Veneta
Minister of Environment and Civil Protection Gianpaolo Bottacin Liga Veneta
Minister of Culture, City Planning and Security Cristiano Corazzari Liga Veneta

Source: Veneto Region – Regional Government

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