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Past elected Presidents of the Oxford Union at the University of Oxford are listed below, with their college and the year/term in which they served, if known. Iterum indicates that a person was serving a second term as President (which is not possible under the current Union rules).

Presidents of the United Debating Society[edit]

Year Term President College
1823  ? Donald Maclean Balliol
1823  ? A. W. Ashley Christ Church
1823  ? J. C. Colquhoun Oriel
1823  ? John Wilson-Patten (later Lord Winmarleigh) Magdalen
1823  ? Thomas Powys (later Lord Lilford) Christ Church
1823  ? John Bramston, (later Rev. John Bramston, Dean of Winchester) Oriel
1823  ? Henry Chetwynd-Talbot (later Earl of Shrewsbury) Christ Church
1823  ? Richard Durnford Magdalen[1]
1824  ? R. C. Dallas, later Sir Robert Dallas Oriel
1824  ? E. Vernon-Harcourt Christ Church
1824  ? Harry Vane (later Duke of Cleveland) Oriel
1824  ? T. F. Hodges New College
1824  ? Henry Baring Christ Church
1824  ? Viscount Mahon (later Earl Stanhope) Christ Church
1824  ? C. Des Voeux Oriel
1824  ? James Stuart-Wortley Christ Church
1824  ? Robert Wilberforce Oriel
1824  ? Digby Wrangham Brasenose
1824  ? A. J. Lewis Trinity
1824  ? Hassard Hume Dodgson Christ Church
1824  ? John Talbot Christ Church
1825  ? N. H. Macdonald Oriel
1825  ? H. W. Torrens Christ Church
1825  ? Samuel Wilberforce Oriel
1825  ? Richard Durnford (iterum) Magdalen[1]
1825  ? W. J. Blake Christ Church
1825  ? Thomas Vesey (later Viscount de Vesci) Christ Church
1825  ? E. E. Villiers Merton
1825  ? Charles Murray Oriel[2][n 1]
1825  ? Walter Trower Christ Church
1825  ? R. A. Hornby Oriel
1825  ? Frederick Calvert Christ Church
1825  ? J. R. Wood Christ Church

Presidents of the Oxford Union Society[edit]

Year Term President College
1826 Hilary Hassard Hume Dodgson [n 2] Christ Church
1826 Hilary Digby Wrangham Brasenose
1826 Trinity Richard Durnford [n 2] Magdalen[1]
1826 Trinity E. E. Villiers Merton
1826  ? R. A. Hornby Oriel
1826 Michaelmas N. H. Macdonald Oriel
1827 Hilary Douglas Smith [n 2] Christ Church
1827 Hilary Henry Tufnell Christ Church
1827 Trinity J. Pearson Balliol
1827  ? Edward Twistleton Trinity
1827  ? William Courtenay (later Earl of Devon) Christ Church[3]
1827 Michaelmas Herman Merivale Trinity
1828  ? F. Trench Oriel
1828 Hilary Douglas Smith (iterum) Christ Church
1828 Trinity Thomas Benjamin Hobhouse (later an MP) Balliol
1828  ? A. Grant New College
1828 Michaelmas Charles Baring (later Bishop of Durham} Christ Church
1829 Hilary Henry William Wilberforce Oriel
1829 Hilary Thomas Acland Christ Church[2][n 1]
1829 Trinity G.R. Moncrieff New College
1829 Michaelmas Henry Edward Manning [n 2] Balliol
1829  ? Henry William Wilberforce (iterum) Oriel
1830 Hilary Sidney Herbert (later Lord Lea) Oriel
1830 Trinity James Gaskell Christ Church
1830 Michaelmas William Ewart Gladstone Christ Church[4][n 1]
1831 Hilary James Bruce (later Earl of Elgin and Kincardine) Christ Church
1831  ? Joseph Anstice (later Professor at King's College, London) Christ Church
1831 Trinity John Edwardes Lyall (later Advocate-General of Bengal) Balliol
1831 Michaelmas Earl of Lincoln (later Duke of Newcastle) Christ Church
1832 Hilary George Rickards Trinity
1832 Trinity Roundell Palmer (later Earl of Selborne) Trinity[5][n 1]
1832 Michaelmas William George Ward Christ Church
1833 Hilary Edward Cardwell (later Viscount Cardwell) Balliol
1833 Trinity Archibald Tait Balliol
1833 Michaelmas Edward Massie Wadham
1834 Hilary Robert Lower (later Viscount Sherbrooke) University
1834 Hilary Charles Marriott Oriel
1834 Trinity W. Sinclair St Mary Hall
1834 Michaelmas J. Adams Christ Church
1835 Hilary William George Ward (iterum) Balliol
1835 Trinity J. M. Capes (iterum) Balliol
1835 Michaelmas Edward Cardwell (later Viscount Cardwell) (iterum) Balliol
1836 Hilary T. Brancker Wadham
1836 Trinity John Cornish (later known as John Mowbray) Christ Church[6][n 1]
1836 Michaelmas W. N. Tilson-Marsh (later known as W. N. Lushington-Tilson) Oriel
1837 Hilary Henry Cripps New College[7][n 1]
1837 Trinity G. R. Moncrieff Balliol
1837 Michaelmas James Augustus Hessey (later head of Merchant Taylors' School) St John's
1838 Hilary William Henry Ridley Christ Church
1838 Trinity W. C. Lake Balliol[8][n 1]
1838 Michaelmas Henry Highton (later Principal of Cheltenham College) Queen's
1839 Hilary G. R. Moncrieff (iterum) Balliol
1839 Trinity H. W. Sullivan Balliol
1839 Michaelmas William Edward Buckley Brasenose
1840 Hilary J. B. Blackett Christ Church
1840 Trinity George Rawlinson Trinity[9][n 1]
1840 Michaelmas C. T. Arnold Magdalen Hall
1841 Hilary R. C. Powles Exeter[10][n 1]
1841 Trinity J. T. B. Landon Worcester
1841 Michaelmas Richard Congreve Wadham[11][n 1]
1842 Hilary Melville Portal (later an MP) Christ Church
1842 Trinity Drummond Chase Oriel
1842 Michaelmas Edward Plumptre University
1843 Hilary George Bowen Trinity[12][n 1]
1843 Trinity W. H. Scott Trinity
1843 Trinity John Coleridge (later Lord Coleridge) Balliol[13][n 1]
1844 Hilary H. M. White New College
1844 Hilary John Mackarness Merton[14]
1844 Michaelmas George Bowen (iterum) Trinity[12][n 1]
1845 Hilary Alfred Pott Magdalen[15][n 1]
1845 Trinity John G. Cazenove Brasenose
1845 Michaelmas Francis Sandford (later Lord Sandford) Balliol
1846 Hilary John Conington University[14]
1846 Trinity R. J. Simpson Oriel
1846 Michaelmas S. J. Hulme Wadham
1847 Hilary C. H. Stanton Balliol
1847 Trinity Earl of Dufferin (later Marquess of Dufferin and Ava) [n 2] Christ Church
W. B. Marriott Exeter
1847 Michaelmas George Ward Hunt Christ Church
1848 Hilary Walter Congreve Wadham
1848 Trinity Montagu Blackett Christ Church[14]
1848 Michaelmas G. R. Portal Christ Church
1849 Hilary F. Meyrick Trinity
1849 Trinity George D. Boyle Exeter
1849 Michaelmas W. H. Milman Christ Church[16][n 1]
1850 Hilary J. R. K. Ralph Queen's
1850 Trinity Edward Knatchbull-Hugessen (later Lord Brabourne) Magdalen
1850 Michaelmas E. B. Lomer Oriel
1851 Hilary Alexander Mitchell Christ Church
1851 Trinity Henry Smith Balliol
1851 Michaelmas Frederick Lygon Christ Church
1852 Hilary Walter Shirley Wadham
1852 Trinity Henry Nutcombe Oxenham Balliol
1852 Michaelmas C. H. Pearson Exeter[17][n 1]
1853 Hilary J. Fitzgerald University
1853 Trinity Benjamin Bickley Rogers Wadham[18][n 1]
1853 Michaelmas George Goschen (later Viscount Goschen) Oriel[19][n 1]
1854 Hilary Arthur G. Butler (later Headmaster of Haileybury School) University[20][n 1]
1854 Trinity Godfrey Lushington Balliol[21][n 1]
1854 Michaelmas George Charles Brodrick (later Warden of Merton) Balliol[22][n 1]
1855 Hilary Robert Edward Bartlett (later Bampton Lecturer) Trinity
1855 Trinity J. H. Bridges Oriel[23][n 1]
1855 Michaelmas D. C. Lathbury (later editor of the Economist) Brasenose
1856 Hilary Charles Turner Exeter[24][n 1]
1856 Trinity W. F. Wilberforce University
1856 Michaelmas John Oakley Brasenose
1857 Hilary Philip Eliot (later Dean of Windsor) Trinity
1857 Trinity John Mitchinson Pembroke[25][n 1]
1857 Michaelmas T. R. Halcombe Brasenose
1858 Hilary Thomas Welbank Fowle Oriel
1858 Trinity Charles Bowen (later Lord Bowen) Balliol[26][n 1]
1858 Michaelmas E. K. Bennet University
1859 Hilary Albert Venn Dicey Balliol[27][n 1]
1859 Trinity A. O. Rutson University
1859 Michaelmas Peter Fogg Jesus
1860 Hilary Edward Moore Queen's[28][n 1]
1860 Trinity H. L. Harrison Christ Church
1860 Michaelmas Francis Morton Beaumont St John's[29][n 1]
1861 Hilary Kenelm Digby Corpus Christi[30][n 1]
1861 Trinity Thomas Hill Green Balliol
1861 Michaelmas J. R. Magrath (later Vice-Chancellor of the University of Oxford) Queen's[31][n 1]
1862 Hilary Auberon Herbert St John's[32][n 1]
1862 Hilary A. H. Beesly Wadham
1862 Trinity James Bryce (later Viscount Bryce) Balliol[20][n 1]
1862 Michaelmas Osborn William Tancock Exeter
1863 Hilary Reginald Bosworth Smith Corpus Christi[33][n 1]
1863 Trinity Reginald Abbot (later Lord Colchester) Christ Church[34][n 1]
1863 Michaelmas Alfred Robinson University[35][n 1]
1864 Hilary William Fearon (later Headmaster of Winchester College) New College[36][n 1]
1864 Trinity Francis Jeune (later Lord St. Helier) Balliol[37][n 1]
1864 Michaelmas A. A. Clive Lincoln
1865 Hilary Alfred. Robinson (iterum) New College[35][n 1]
1865 Trinity R. Robinson Worcester
1865 Michaelmas Courtenay Ilbert Balliol[38][n 1]
1866 Hilary Edward Talbot Christ Church[39][n 1]
1866 Trinity George Simcox Queen's[40][n 1]
1866 Michaelmas William Awdry Queen's[41][n 1]
1867 Hilary William Sanday Trinity[42][n 1]
1867 Trinity Lord Francis Hervey Balliol[43]
1867 Michaelmas James Strachan-Davidson Balliol[44][n 1]
1868 Hilary Reginald Copleston (later Bishop of Calcutta) Merton[45][n 1]
1868 Trinity Edward Talbot (iterum) Christ Church[39][n 1]
1868 Michaelmas Mandell Creighton Merton[46][n 1]
1869 Hilary C. T. Redington Christ Church
1869 Trinity Reginald Copleston (later Bishop of Calcutta) (iterum) St John's[45][n 1]
1869 Michaelmas Charles Alan Fyffe Balliol
1870 Hilary William Duggan Lincoln[47][n 1]
1870 Trinity A. H. Turner Christ Church
1870 Michaelmas John Andrew Doyle All Souls[48][n 1]
1871 Hilary Thomas Grose Queen's[49][n 1]
1871 Trinity Herbert James St John's[45][n 1]
1871 Michaelmas Walter Lock Magdalen[50][n 1]
1872 Hilary John Bryce Balliol
1872 Trinity Henry Montagu Randall Pope St John's
1872 Michaelmas Charles Cruttwell (later headmaster of Malvern College) Merton[51][n 1]
1873 Hilary William Sinclair (later Archdeacon of London) Balliol
1873 Trinity Ellis Ashmead-Bartlett Christ Church
1873 Michaelmas Sir Robert Mowbray, 2nd Baronet Balliol[48][n 1]
1874 Hilary M. H. Gould Trinity
1874 Trinity H. H. Asquith Balliol[38][n 1]
1874 Michaelmas H. A. Venables New College
1875 Hilary Arthur Sloman (later headmaster of Birkenhead School) Pembroke
1875 Trinity Thomas Raleigh Balliol[52][n 1]
1875 Michaelmas Herbert Paul Corpus Christi
1876 Hilary George Mearns Savery (later Headmaster of Harrogate Ladies' College) Lincoln
1876 Trinity Alfred Milner (later Viscount Milner) Balliol[35][n 1]
1876 Michaelmas Robert Henry Hadden (later vicar of St Botolphs) Merton
1877 Hilary Dunbar Barton Corpus Christi
1877 Trinity Arthur Anthony Baumann[53] Balliol
1877 Trinity Viscount Lymington[53] Balliol
1877 Michaelmas Robert Horton New College[54][n 1]
1878 Hilary William St John Brodrick (later Earl of Midleton) Balliol
1878 Trinity Robert Germaine Brasenose
1878 Michaelmas Nathaniel Micklem New College
1879 Hilary Edward Poulton Jesus[55][n 1]
1879 Trinity F. R. Burrows Trinity
1879 Michaelmas Edward Cook New College
1880 Hilary Richard Dawson Hertford
1880 Trinity B. R. Wise Queen's
1880 Michaelmas George Nathaniel Curzon Balliol
1881 Hilary John Sargeaunt University
1881 Trinity Charles Arnold White (later Chief Justice of Madras) New College
1881 Michaelmas Edward Lee Stuart Horsburgh Queen's
1882 Hilary John Andrew Hamilton Balliol[56][n 1]
1882 Trinity A. N. Cumming Balliol[53]
1882 Michaelmas Michael Sadler Trinity
1883 Hilary W. H. Shaw Balliol[44][n 1]
1883 Trinity Halford John Mackinder Christ Church
1883 Michaelmas John Staplyton Grey Pemberton New College[57][n 1]
1884 Hilary A. Dyson Williams Corpus Christi
1884 Trinity William Worsley New College
1884 Michaelmas Cosmo Lang (later Lord Lang) Balliol[58][n 1]
1885 Hilary George Studley Sealy Vidal New College[59][n 1]
1885 Hilary George Olave Bellewes Brasenose
1885 Michaelmas Robert Cecil (later Viscount Chelwood) University
1886 Hilary Anthony Hawkins (also known as Anthony Hope) Balliol
1886 Trinity C. Emmott Christ Church
1886 Michaelmas Walter Alison Phillips Merton and St John's
1887 Hilary Charles Alfred Howell Green (later Archbishop of Wales Keble
1887 Trinity C. J. Blacker Merton
1887 Michaelmas H. M. Godfray Exeter
1888 Hilary A. J. McGregor Oriel
1888 Trinity A. J. Carlyle Exeter[60][n 1]
1888 Michaelmas Arthur Griffith-Boscawen Queen's
1889 Hilary Spurrier Clavell Parmiter Oriel
1889 Trinity Herbert Guy Snowden Lincoln
1889 Michaelmas George Frederick Mortimer (later a barrister-at-law) Balliol
1890 Hilary Arthur George V. Peel New College
1890 Trinity Frank Herbert Coller Christ Church
1890 Michaelmas Carl Theodor Knaus Trinity
1891 Hilary William Cozens-Hardy New College
1891 Trinity Lord Ampthill New College
1891 Michaelmas A. E. Ripley Trinity
1892 Hilary John Arthur V. Magee Merton
1892 Trinity John Francis W. Galbraith Oriel
1892 Michaelmas R. C. Phillimore Christ Church
1893 Hilary C. H. Eliot Merton
1893 Trinity William Lygon, later Earl Beauchamp Christ Church
1893 Michaelmas H. W. Liversidge Hertford
1894 Hilary Lord Balcarres (later Earl of Crawford) Magdalen
1894 Trinity F. E. Smith (later 1st Earl of Birkenhead} Wadham
1894 Michaelmas Herbert Arthur Morrah St John's
1895 Hilary Hilaire Belloc Balliol
1895 Trinity P. J. Macdonell Brasenose
1895 Michaelmas R. C. Phillimore Christ Church
1896 Hilary John Simon, later Viscount Simon Wadham
1896 Trinity Archibald Boyd-Carpenter Balliol
1896 Michaelmas Francis Hirst Wadham
1897 Hilary Robert Johnson New College
1897 Trinity James William Cleland Balliol
1897 Michaelmas F. Lenwood Corpus Christi
1898 Hilary Edmund Bentley Merton
1898 Trinity Cyril Garbett Keble
1898 Michaelmas L. R. F. Oldershaw Brasenose
1899 Hilary John Buchan (later Lord Tweedsmuir) Brasenose
1899 Trinity Arthur Steel (later Arthur Steel-Maitland) Balliol
1899 Michaelmas G. Gathorne-Hardy New College
1900 Hilary Robert Ensor Balliol[61]
1900 Trinity Raymond Asquith[n 3] Balliol[61]
1900 Michaelmas Harold Baker New College[61]
1901 Hilary Algernon Cecil Balliol[61]
1901 Trinity T. Cuthbertson Corpus Christi[61]
1901 Michaelmas George Tomlinson University[61]
1902 Hilary Sandie Lindsay (later Lord Lindsay) University[61]
1902 Trinity Eric Macfadyen Wadham[61]
1902 Michaelmas Herbert du Parcq (later Lord du Parcq) Exeter[61]
1903 Hilary Herbert Asquith Balliol[61]
1903 Trinity F. W. Curran Lincoln[61]
1903 Michaelmas John Brooke Corpus Christi[61]
1904 Hilary William Temple Balliol[61]
1904 Trinity W. A. Moore St John's[61]
1904 Michaelmas E. S. Jose Hertford[61]
1905 Hilary John St George C. Heath Corpus Christi[61]
1905 Trinity Alexander Shaw (later Lord Craigmyle) Trinity[61]
1905 Michaelmas M. H. Woods Trinity[61]
1906 Hilary H. M. Paul New College[61]
1906 Trinity Hon H. Lygon Magdalen[61]
1906 Michaelmas Gervais Rentoul Christ Church[61]
1907 Hilary Neville Talbot Christ Church[61]
1907 Trinity William Gladstone [n 3] New College[61]
1907 Michaelmas W. S. Armour Jesus[61]
1908 Hilary Charles Thomas Le Quesne Exeter[61]
1908 Trinity Hugh Hallett Christ Church[61]
1908 Michaelmas M. H. Richmond New College[61]
1909 Hilary Ronald Knox Balliol[61]
1909 Trinity Edgar Swain St John's[61]
1909 Michaelmas Robert George D. Laffan Balliol[61]
1910 Hilary Hon. Robert Stafford A. Palmer [n 3] (son of the Earl of Selborne) University[61]
1910 Trinity Leonard Jacques Stein Balliol[61]
1910 Michaelmas A. W. Cockburn New College[61]
1911 Hilary Nathaniel Micklem New College[61]
1911 Trinity Raymond Bevir [n 3] Hertford[61]
1911 Michaelmas Philip Guedalla Balliol[61]
1912 Hilary Frank Griffith Balliol[61]
1912 Trinity Robert Barrington-Ward Balliol[61]
1912 Michaelmas G. S. Woodhouse [n 3] Lincoln[61]
1913 Hilary Walter Monckton Balliol[61]
1913 Trinity W. J. Bland [n 3] Lincoln[61]
1913 Michaelmas Godfrey Talbot [n 3] Christ Church[61]
1914 Hilary Ernest Roberts Trinity[61]
1914 Trinity Alexander Henry M. Wedderburn Balliol[61]
1914 Michaelmas Arthur F. H. Wiggin Oriel[61]
1914-1918 No Presidents were elected during the First World War.[61]
1919 Trinity Leslie Hore-Belisha St John's[61]
1919 Michaelmas Thomas Earp Exeter[61]
1920 Hilary Constantine Gallop Balliol[61]
1920 Trinity Sir John Russell New College[61]
1920 Michaelmas Beverley Nichols Balliol[61]
1921 Hilary Alec Beechman Balliol[61]
1921 Trinity Captain Cecil Ramage Pembroke[61]
1921 Michaelmas Kenneth Lindsay Worcester[61]
1922 Hilary John Victor Evans (later a barrister and civil servant) St John's[61]
1922 Trinity Ralph Carson Oriel[61]
1922 Michaelmas Edward Marjoribanks Christ Church[61]
1923 Hilary J. Douglas Woodruff New College[61]
1923 Trinity Gordon Bagnall St John's[61]
1923 Michaelmas Christopher Hollis Balliol[61]
1924 Hilary Christopher Scaife St. John's[61]
1924 Trinity Gerald Gardiner Magdalen[61]
1924 Michaelmas Henry Scrymgeour-Wedderburn, 11th Earl of Dundee Balliol[61]
1925 Hilary Robert Bernays Worcester[61]
1925 Trinity Vincent Lloyd-Jones Jesus[61]
1925 Michaelmas Hugh Molson New College[61]
1926 Hilary Gyles Isham Magdalen[61]
1926 Trinity Lindley Fraser Balliol[61]
1926 Michaelmas Alan Lennox-Boyd Christ Church[61]
1927 Hilary Roger Fulford Worcester[61]
1927 Trinity John Playfair Price New College[61]
1927 Michaelmas Malcolm Brereton[n 4] Balliol[61]
1928 Hilary Dingle Foot Balliol[61]
1928 Trinity Aubrey Herbert University[61]
1928 Michaelmas Somerset Stopford Brooke Balliol[61]
1929 Hilary Roger Wilson Queen's[61]
1929 Trinity Quintin Hogg Christ Church[61]
1929 Michaelmas Michael Stewart St John's[61]
1930 Hilary Edgar Lustgarten St John's[61]
1930 Trinity Joseph Mallalieu Trinity[61]
1930 Michaelmas John Boyd-Carpenter Balliol[61]
1931 Hilary John Foot Balliol[61]
1931 Trinity Geoffrey Wilson Oriel[61]
1931 Michaelmas Toby O'Brien Exeter[61]
1932 Hilary Arthur Irvine Oriel[61]
1932 Trinity Brian Davidson New College[61]
1932 Michaelmas John Christopher Smuts University[61]
1933 Hilary Frank Hardie Christ Church[61]
1933 Trinity Anthony Greenwood Balliol[61]
1933 Michaelmas Michael Foot Wadham[61]
1934 Hilary Dosoo Karaka Lincoln[61]
1934 Trinity Keith Steel-Maitland Balliol[61]
1934 Michaelmas W. G. Murray Balliol[61]
1935 Hilary David Lewis Lincoln[61]
1935 Trinity James Hickerton St Catherine's[61]
1935 Michaelmas Brian Farrell Balliol[61]
1936 Hilary Ian Harvey Christ Church[61]
1936 Trinity Bill Shebbeare [n 4] Christ Church[61]
1936 Michaelmas James Brown Balliol[61]
1937 Hilary Christopher Mayhew Christ Church[61]
1937 Trinity Patrick Anderson Worcester[61]
1937 Michaelmas Alan Fyfe [n 4] Balliol[61]
1938 Hilary Raymond Henry Walton Balliol[61]
1938 Trinity Philip Toynbee Christ Church[61]
1938 Michaelmas Alan Wood Balliol[61]
1939 Hilary Edward Heath Balliol[61]
1939 Trinity Hugh Fraser Balliol[61]
1939 Michaelmas A. F. Giles[n 5] Balliol[61]
1939 Michaelmas Sir Nicholas Henderson Hertford[61]
1940 Hilary Madron Seligman Balliol[61]
1940 Trinity Robin Edmonds Brasenose[61]
1940 Michaelmas James Comyn New College[61]
1941 Hilary Indar Bahadoorsingh St Catherine's[61]
1941 Trinity Kenneth Riddle St Catherine's[61]
1941 Michaelmas Michael Kinchin-Smith Christ Church[61]
1942 Hilary Gershon Hirsch (now Avner) Brasenose[61]
1942 Trinity F. P. R. Hinchliffe New College[61]
1942 Michaelmas Cameron Tudor Keble[61]
1943 Hilary Herbert Clarke Jesus[61]
1943 Trinity Courtney Blackmore Keble[61]
1943 Michaelmas Godfrey le Quesne Exeter[61]
1944 Hilary Kenneth Lamb Trinity[61]
1944 Trinity Fernando Henriques Brasenose[61]
1944 Michaelmas Tony Pickford Oriel[61]
1945 Hilary Alan Gibson [n 5] Queen's[61]
1945 Hilary Rudi Weisweiller New College[61]
1945 Trinity Anthony Walton Hertford[61]
1945 Michaelmas John Long Queen's[61]
1946 Hilary Basil Wigoder Oriel[61]
1946 Trinity Anthony Crosland Trinity[61]
1946 Michaelmas Group Captain Ronald Brown Brasenose[61]
1947 Hilary Roger Gray Queen's[61]
1947 Trinity Anthony Wedgwood Benn New College[61]
1947 Michaelmas Peter Kroyer Christ Church[61]
1948 Hilary Clive Wigram Oriel[61]
1948 Trinity Edward Boyle Christ Church[61]
1948 Michaelmas Seymour Hills St Catherine's[61]
1949 Hilary Peter Kirk Trinity[61]
1949 Trinity Rodney Donald Christ Church[61]
1949 Michaelmas Sir Richard Faber Christ Church[61]
1950 Hilary Uwe Kitzinger New College[61]
1950 Trinity Robin Day St Edmund Hall[61]
1950 Michaelmas Godfrey Smith Worcester[61]
1951 Hilary Jeremy Thorpe Trinity[61]
1951 Trinity William Rees-Mogg Balliol[61]
1951 Michaelmas Ivan Yates Pembroke[61]
1952 Hilary Peter Blaker New College[61]
1952 Trinity Howard Shuman New College[61]
1952 Michaelmas Patrick Mayhew Balliol[61]
1953 Hilary Bryan Magee Keble[61]
1953 Trinity John Peters Balliol[61]
1953 Michaelmas Andrew Cuninghame Worcester[61]
1954 Hilary Tyrell Burgess Keble[61]
1954 Trinity Raghavan Iyer Magdalen[61]
1954 Michaelmas Michael Heseltine Pembroke[61]
1955 Hilary Jeremy Isaacs Merton[61]
1955 Trinity Anthony Howard Christ Church[61]
1955 Michaelmas Desmond Watkins Keble[61]
1956 Hilary Alec Grant Merton[61]
1956 Trinity Roy Dixon Exeter[61]
1956 Michaelmas Edmund Ions Merton[61]
1957 Hilary Jeremy Lever University[61]
1957 Trinity Peter Brooke Balliol[61]
1957 Michaelmas Brian Walden Queen's[61]
1958 Hilary Lalith Athulathmudali Jesus[61]
1958 Trinity Stuart Griffiths Magdalen[61]
1958 Michaelmas Ron Owen Christ Church[61]
1959 Hilary Lakshman Kadirgamar Balliol[61]
1959 Trinity Anthony Newton Trinity[61]
1959 Michaelmas Joe Trattner St Catherine's[61]
1960 Hilary Ian Lyon Oriel[61]
1960 Trinity Peter Jay Christ Church[61]
1960 Michaelmas Robert Rowland Keble[61]
1961 Hilary Phillip Whitehead Exeter[61]
1961 Trinity Paul Foot University[61]
1961 Michaelmas Howard Preece Merton[61]
1962 Hilary Hugh Stephenson New College[61]
1962 Trinity John McDonnell Balliol[61]
1962 Michaelmas Michael Beloff Magdalen[61]
1963 Hilary Girish Karnad Magdalen[61]
1963 Trinity Jeffrey Jowell Hertford[61]
1963 Michaelmas Anthony Hart New College[61]
1964 Hilary Garth Pratt Corpus Christi[62]
1964 Trinity Lord James Douglas-Hamilton Balliol[61]
1964 Michaelmas Eric Abrahams St Peter's[61]
1965 Hilary Neil MacCormick Balliol[61]
1965 Trinity Tariq Ali Exeter[61]
1965 Michaelmas Douglas Hogg Christ Church[61]
1966 Hilary Joshua Bamfield Pembroke[61]
1966 Trinity Jeremy Beloff St Catherine's[61]
1966 Michaelmas Montek Singh Ahluwalia Magdalen[61]
1967 Hilary Ronald Cohen Exeter[61]
1967 Trinity Stephen Marks New College[61]
1967 Michaelmas Robert Jackson St Edmund Hall[61]
1968 Hilary Geraldine Jones St Hugh's[61]
1968 Trinity William Waldegrave Corpus Christi[61]
1968 Michaelmas Ian Glick Balliol[61]
1969 Hilary David Walter Trinity[61]
1969 Trinity Colin Youlden Merton[61]
1969 Michaelmas Gyles Brandreth New College[61]
1970 Hilary Guy Harkin Hertford[61]
1970 Trinity Stephen Milligan Magdalen[61]
1970 Michaelmas Eric Parsloe Corpus Christi[61]
1971 Hilary Michael House Exeter[61]
1971 Trinity Susan Richards (now Kramer) St Hilda's[61]
1971 Michaelmas Christopher Tookey Exeter[61]
1972 Hilary Julian Priestley [n 2] Balliol[61]
1972 Hilary Pradeep Mitra Balliol[61]
1972 Trinity Patric Dickinson Exeter[61]
1972 Michaelmas Philip McDonagh Balliol[61]
1973 Hilary Michael Austerberry Trinity[61]
1973 Trinity Colin Maltby Christ Church[61]
1973 Michaelmas David Warren Exeter[61]
1974 Hilary Simon Walker Balliol[61]
1974 Trinity Michael Soole University[61]
1974 Michaelmas Robert McDonagh Balliol[61]
1975 Hilary Robert Scoble Nuffield[61]
1975 Trinity Victor van Amerongen Magdalen[61]
1975 Michaelmas David Soskin Magdalen[61]
1976 Hilary Andrew Bell University[61]
1976 Trinity Colin Moynihan University[61]
1976 Michaelmas Richard Norton (later Lord Grantley) New College[61]
1977 Hilary Benazir Bhutto St Catherine's[61]
1977 Trinity Victoria Schofield Lady Margaret Hall[61]
1977 Michaelmas Damian Green Balliol[61]
1978 Hilary Nicholas O'Shaughnessy Keble[61]
1978 Trinity John Harrison Merton[61]
1978 Michaelmas Daniel Moylan Queen's[61]
1979 Hilary Alan Duncan St John's[61]
1979 Trinity Philip May Lincoln[61]
1979 Michaelmas Michael Crick New College[61]
1980 Hilary Warwick Lightfoot Exeter[61]
1980 Trinity Nicholas Prettejohn Balliol[61]
1980 Michaelmas Rupert Soames Worcester[61]
1981 Hilary Andrew Sutcliffe Worcester[61]
1981 Trinity Alexandra Jones New College[61]
1981 Michaelmas William Hague Magdalen[61]
1982 Hilary Kevin Brennan Pembroke College[61]
1982 Trinity Paul Thompson Corpus Christi[61]
1982 Michaelmas Christopher Wortley New College[61]
1983 Hilary Hilali Nordeen Balliol[61]
1983 Trinity Andrew Sullivan Magdalen[61]
1983 Michaelmas Neale Stevenson Christ Church[61]
1984 Hilary Malcolm Bull Balliol[61]
1984 Trinity Melvyn Stride St Edmund Hall[61]
1984 Michaelmas Laurence Grafstein Balliol[61]
1985 Hilary Roland Rudd Regent's Park[61]
1985 Trinity Neil Sherlock Christ Church[61]
1985 Michaelmas Anthony Goodman New College[61]
1986 Hilary Jeya Wilson St Antony's
1986 Trinity Boris Johnson Balliol[61]
1986 Michaelmas Angus McCullough Pembroke[61]
1987 Hilary Simon Stevens[63] Balliol[61]
1987 Trinity Jessica Pulay Christ Church[61]
1987 Michaelmas Anthony Frieze Balliol[61]
1988 Hilary Michael Gove Lady Margaret Hall[61]
1988 Trinity Duncan Gray University[61]
1988 Michaelmas Andrew McCulloch Jesus[61]
1989 Hilary Adam Bruce Balliol[61]
1989 Trinity Stefan Green Queen's[61]
1989 Michaelmas Diana Gerald Balliol[61]
1990 Hilary Ed Lazarus St Anne's[61]
1990 Trinity Jeremy Quin Hertford[61]
1990 Michaelmas Melanie Johnson St Anne's[61]
1991 Hilary Ollie Campbell St Hugh's[61]
1991 Trinity Damian Hinds Trinity[61]
1991 Michaelmas Nicholas Edgar University[61]
1992 Hilary Graeme Halkerston Lady Margaret Hall
1992 Trinity Adrian Gannon Lincoln
1992 Michaelmas Christopher Hall Hertford
1993 Hilary James Robertson Jesus
1993 Trinity Katherine Wade Wadham
1993 Michaelmas Toby Lewis Wadham
1994 Hilary Kate Wilson Hertford
1994 Trinity Peter Gowers Keble
1994 Michaelmas Jeremy Green Christ Church
1995 Hilary Robert Palmer St John's
1995 Trinity David Pinto-Duschinsky Pembroke
1995 Michaelmas Matt Guy Magdalen
1996 Hilary Jonathan Wolf Corpus Christi
1996 Trinity Paul Kenward Lady Margaret Hall
1996 Michaelmas Jenny Carter-Manning Pembroke
1997 Hilary Rob Harrington Somerville
1997 Trinity Oli Evans Christ Church
1997 Michaelmas Sam Gyimah Somerville
1998 Hilary Clare Dixon St Anne's
1998 Trinity Ellie Blagbrough St Hilda's
1998 Michaelmas Helen Eastman Corpus Christi
1999 Hilary Theo Mills Trinity
1999 Trinity Nicky Black Lady Margaret Hall
1999 Michaelmas Ben Seifert St Peter's
2000 Hilary Lucy Aitkens St Hilda's
2000 Trinity Jeff Bell Lady Margaret Hall
2000 Michaelmas Richard Silcock St Peter's
2001 Hilary Nick Mason Pembroke
2001 Trinity Amy Harland Trinity
2001 Michaelmas Neil Mahapatra Pembroke
2002 Hilary Charlotte Keenan Trinity
2002 Trinity Karen Price Magdalen
2002 Michaelmas David Watson Brasenose
2003 Hilary Fraser Campbell Pembroke
2003 Trinity Ambrose Faulks Lady Margaret Hall
2003 Michaelmas Marcus Walker Oriel
2004 Hilary Edward Tomlinson St John's
2004 Trinity Georgina Costa Christ Church
2004 Michaelmas Ruzwana Bashir New College
2005 Hilary Laura Poots St John's
2005 Trinity Richard Tydeman Christ Church
2005 Michaelmas Chris Farmer St Hugh's
2006 Hilary Sapana Agrawal St Edmund Hall
2006 Trinity David Powell Balliol
2006 Michaelmas James Wise Christ Church
2007 Hilary Theo Roos Lady Margaret Hall
2007 Trinity Alex Just Wadham
2007 Michaelmas Luke Tryl Magdalen
2008 Hilary Emily Partington Jesus
2008 Trinity Ben Tansey Lincoln
2008 Michaelmas Josh Roche Christ Church
2009 Hilary Charlie Holt Lady Margaret Hall
2009 Trinity Corey Dixon Oriel
2009 Michaelmas James Dray Mansfield
2010 Hilary Stuart Cullen Christ Church
2010 Trinity Laura Winwood Hertford
2010 Michaelmas James Kingston Christ Church
2011 Hilary James Langman University
2011 Trinity Ashvir Sangha Queen's
2011 Michaelmas Izzy Westbury Hertford
2012 Hilary Lauren Pringle Wadham
2012 Trinity Isabel Ernst St Catherine's
2012 Michaelmas Seung-yoon Lee Hertford
2013 Hilary Maria Rioumine Christ Church
2013 Trinity Joseph D'Urso New College
2013 Michaelmas Parit Wacharasindhu St John's
2014 Hilary Polina Ivanova University
2014 Trinity Ben Sullivan Christ Church
2014 Michaelmas Mayank Banerjee St John's
2015 Hilary Lisa Wehden Worcester
2015 Trinity Olivia Merrett St John's
2015 Michaelmas Charles Vaughan St John's
2016 Hilary Stuart Webber Somerville
2016 Trinity Robert Harris New College
2016 Michaelmas Noah Lachs Lincoln
2017 Hilary Nikolay Koshikov Exeter
2017 Trinity Michael Li Magdalen
2017 Michaelmas Chris Zabilowicz Worcester
2018 Hilary Laali Vadlamani Trinity
2018 Trinity Gui Cavalcanti Pembroke

Other notable officers[edit]

The 3rd Marquess of Salisbury was Union Secretary in Michaelmas 1848.

Harold Macmillan was Secretary of the Union in Hilary 1914, then Junior Treasurer (elected unopposed, which was then very unusual) in Trinity 1914; but for the war he would “almost certainly” have been President.[64]

In fiction[edit]

  • Simon Kerslake (early 1950s), protagonist of the Jeffrey Archer novel First Among Equals. Invites sitting Prime Minister Winston Churchill to propose motion during Eights Week that "This House Would Rather be a Commoner than a Lord". His future rival, (Lord) Charles Seymour listens from the floor and resolves to enter politics also. Archer himself was elected to Standing Committee for one term in 1965.[citation needed]


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