President of the South Australian Legislative Council

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President of the Legislative Council
Andrew McLachlan (Liberal)

since 3 May 2018
StyleThe Honourable
AppointerElected by the South Australian Legislative Council
Inaugural holderJames Hurtle Fisher
Formation22 April 1857

The President of the South Australian Legislative Council is the presiding officer of the South Australian Legislative Council, the upper house of the Parliament of South Australia. The other presiding officer is the Speaker of the South Australian House of Assembly.

The current president is Liberal MLC Andrew McLachlan.

List of Presidents of the Legislative Council[edit]

President Party (if applicable) Term in office
James Hurtle Fisher 1857–1865
John Morphett 1865–1873
William Milne 1873–1881
Henry Ayers 1881–1893
Richard Baker 1893–1901
Lancelot Stirling 1901–1932
David Gordon Liberal and Country League 1932–1944
Walter Gordon Duncan Liberal and Country League 1944–1962
Les Densley Liberal and Country League 1962–1967
Lyell McEwin Liberal and Country League/Liberal Party of Australia (SA) 1967–1975
Frank Potter Liberal Party of Australia 1975–1978
Arthur Whyte Liberal Party of Australia 1978–1985
Anne Levy Australian Labor Party (SA) 1986–1989
Gordon Bruce Australian Labor Party 1989–1993
Peter Dunn Liberal Party of Australia 1994–1997
Jamie Irwin Liberal Party of Australia 1997–2002
Ron Roberts Australian Labor Party 2002–2006
Bob Sneath Australian Labor Party 2006–2012
John Gazzola Australian Labor Party 2012–2014
Russell Wortley Australian Labor Party 2014-2018
Andrew McLachlan Liberal Party of Australia 2018–present