President of the University of the Philippines

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Presidents of the
University of the Philippines
Murray S. Bartlett 1911–1915
Ignacio B. Villamor 1915–1921
Guy Potter Wharton Benton 1921–1925
Rafael V. Palma 1925–1934
Jorge Bocobo 1934–1939
Bienvenido Ma. Gonzalez 1939–1943,
Antonio Sison 1943–1945
Vidal A. Tan 1951–1956
Enrique Virata 1956–1958
Vicente G. Sinco 1958–1962
Carlos P. Romulo 1962–1968
Salvador P. Lopez 1969–1975
Onofre D. Corpuz 1975–1979
Emanuel V. Soriano 1979–1981
Edgardo J. Angara 1981–1987
Jose V. Abueva 1987–1993
Emil Q. Javier 1993–1999
Francisco Nemenzo, Jr. 1999–2005
Emerlinda R. Roman 2005–2011
Alfredo E. Pascual 2011–2017
Danilo L. Concepcion 2017-present

The President of the University of the Philippines is elected for a single six-year term by the University's eleven-member Board of Regents (BOR).[1] (Before the passage of RA 9500, there are 12 members in the BOR). As of 2011, two Americans and 19 Filipinos served as President of the University of the Philippines.

Lawyer and former University of the Philippines College of Law Dean Danilo L. Concepcion is the current President, having assumed office on February 10, 2017.