Presidential Council of the Hungarian People's Republic

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Presidential Council
Agency overview
Formed 23 August 1949
Dissolved 23 October 1989
Superseding agency
Jurisdiction Hungarian People's Republic
Headquarters Budapest

The Presidential Council of the Hungarian People's Republic was created following the founding of the Hungarian People's Republic. Along with the state itself, it was dissolved on 23 October 1989. Presidential Council was the presidency of Hungary during communist control.

The Parliament of Hungary, upon the recommendation of the Presidential Council, elected and relieved the chairman and ministers of the Council of Ministers of the Hungarian People's Republic of their duties.


Name Entered Office Left Office
Árpád Szakasits 23 August 1949 26 April 1950
Sándor Rónai 8 May 1950 14 August 1952
István Dobi 14 August 1952 14 April 1967
Pál Losonczi 14 April 1967 25 June 1987
Károly Németh 25 June 1987 29 June 1988
Brunó Ferenc Straub 29 June 1988 23 October 1989

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