Presidential Medal of Merit (Philippines)

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Presidential Medal of Merit
PHL Blue White Red.png
Ribbon of the medal
Awarded by  Philippines
Type Medal
Awarded for See Award
Status Currently constituted
Next (higher) Order of the Golden Heart
Next (lower) Order of the Knights of Rizal

The Presidential Medal of Merit (Pampanguluhang Medalya ng Merito) is an honor given by the Republic of the Philippines.


The Presidential Merit Award was renamed the Presidential Medal of Merit by Executive Order 236 on September 19, 2003.[1]


The Presidential Medal of Merit shall be conferred upon an individual, Filipino or foreign:[1]

  • a. for outstanding service to the President, the Administration or cabinet members;
  • b. for gaining prestige for the country in an international event, in the fields of literature, the sciences, the arts, entertainment, and other civilian fields of endeavor that foster national pride and artistic excellence;
  • c. who is a retiring cultural worker or artist, after serving the government in an official or advisory capacity, or a foreign artist who has promoted Philippine culture; or
  • d. for acts of merit that enhance the prestige of the Republic of the Philippines, including heading the Philippine delegation or having contributed materially to the success of a major international conference or event that has brought prestige and honor to the country, including Presidential visits overseas and major international events held in the Philippines.



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