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Presidential yacht may refer to a naval vessel of a country's navy that would be specially used by the country's president. It is common for a vessel to be designated as the presidential yacht during a fleet review.

Some countries (below) have vessels permanently designated as presidential yachts:

List of presidential yachts[edit]


The President of Egypt has the 8th largest yacht, El Mahrousa, as his presidential yacht.


The President of Finland has a small private yacht, Kultaranta VIII.[1]


The INS Sumitra is the presidential yacht of India.[2]


The Italian ship Argo (MEN209) is the presidential yacht of Italy.



Sirius was the yacht of Russian President Dmitri Medvedev[3]


  • Presidential Yacht Savarona – The current Turkish presidential yacht; prior to 2010 privately leased while her replacement (below) was in development
  • New presidential yacht – The Turkish Government has currently commissioned a new 50 m yacht for the personal use of the president and visiting heads of state. Details of this new yacht first surfaced in September 2008.[4][citation needed] The yacht is being built at the Istanbul Naval Yard, Pendik, Istanbul and is reported to have a ballistic hull, surface-to-air missiles and high-tech equipment.

United States[edit]

In the past, the United States employed presidential yachts serving the American president:


The most famous is Galeb, the yacht of Marshal Josip Broz Tito.

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