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For royal yachts, see royal yacht.

Presidential yacht may refer to a naval vessel of a country's navy that would be specially used by the country's president. It is common for a vessel to be designated as the presidential yacht during a fleet review.

Some countries (below) have vessels permanently designated as presidential yachts:


The President of Egypt has the 8th largest yacht, El Mahrousa, as his presidential yacht.


The President of Finland has a small private yacht, Kultaranta VIII.[1]


The INS Sumitra is the presidential yacht of India.


The Italian ship Argo (MEN209) is the presidential yacht of Italy.



Sirius was the yacht of Russian President Dmitri Medvedev[2]


  • Presidential Yacht Savarona – The current Turkish presidential yacht; prior to 2010 privately leased while her replacement (below) was in development
  • New presidential yacht – The Turkish Government has currently commissioned a new 50 m yacht for the personal use of the president and visiting heads of state. Details of this new yacht first surfaced in September 2008.[3][citation needed] The yacht is being built at the Istanbul Naval Yard, Pendik, Istanbul and is reported to have a ballistic hull, surface-to-air missiles and high-tech equipment.


In the past, the United States employed presidential yachts serving the American president; the USS Mayflower (1906–29), was decommissioned as a result of economy measures just prior to the Great Depression. Most notably are the USS Potomac (1936–1945) and the USS Williamsburg (1945–53). The most recent presidential yacht was the USS Sequoia (1933–77).


The most famous Yugoslavian yacht is "Galeb", the yacht of Marshal Josip Broz Tito.

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