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The Presidents Cup is the national Senior-level box lacrosse championship for the Canadian Lacrosse Association. The annual Championship awards a "Gold", "Silver", and "Bronze" placing. The skill levels have been adjusted in recent years; Senior "B" teams from across Canada now compete for the Presidents Cup (as before it was all Senior teams). Senior "A" is now represented by Ontario's Major Series Lacrosse and the Western Lacrosse Association (British Columbia), who compete for the Mann Cup.

The original trophy was known as the Castrol Oil Presidents Trophy and was awarded to teams from 1964 until 1971.[1] In 1972, a new trophy - which is still in use today - was donated as a replacement and the old Castrol Oil trophy retired. The old trophy was donated to the Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame in 1979.

Medal history[edit]

Year Med 1.png Med 2.png Med 3.png Location
2016 St. Albert Miners (RMLL) Kahnawake Mohawks (QSLL) Brooklin Merchants (OLA) Leduc, AB
2015 Six Nations Rivermen (OLA) Capital Region Axemen (QSLL) St. Catharines Saints (OLA) St. Catharines, ON
2014 Onondaga Redhawks (Can-Am) Six Nations Rivermen (OLA) St. Albert Miners (RMLL) Coquitlam, BC
2013 St. Catharines Saints (OLA) Kahnawake Mohawks (QSLL) Caughnawaga Indians (TNSLL) Kahnawake,QC
2012 St. Regis Braves (TNSLL) St. Catharines Saints (OLA) Rockyview Knights (RMLL) Spruce Grove, AB
2011 St. Regis Braves (TNSLL) Snake Island Muskies (TNSLL) St. Catharines Saints (OLA) Akwesasne, ON
2010 Onondaga Redhawks (Can-Am) Owen Sound Woodsmen (OLA) Kahnawake Mohawks (QSLL) Burnaby, BC
2009 Owen Sound Woodsmen (OLA) Tri-City Bandits (WCSLA) Six Nations Sting (Can-Am) Hagersville, ON
2008 Owen Sound Woodsmen (OLA) Sherwood Park Outlaws (RMLL) Kahnawake Mohawks (QSLL) Sherwood Park, AB
2007 Sherwood Park Outlaws (RMLL) Ajax-Pickering Rock (OLA) Owen Sound Woodsmen (OLA) Owen Sound, ON
2006 Wellington Aces (OLA) Sherwood Park Outlaws (RMLL) Ladner Pioneers (WCSLA) Ladner, BC
2005 Kitchener-Waterloo Kodiaks (OLA) Tri-City Bandits (WCSLA) Sherwood Park Outlaws (RMLL) Waterloo, ON
2004 Ladner Pioneers (WCSLA) Kahnawake Mohawks (ILA) Langley Knights (WCSLA) Langley, BC
2003 Kitchener-Waterloo Kodiaks (OLA) Owen Sound Woodsmen (OLA) Edmonton Outlaws (RMLL) Owen Sound, ON
2002 Edmonton Outlaws (RMLL) Snye Warriors (ILA) Nanaimo Timbermen (WCSLA) Edmonton, AB
2001 North Shore Indians (WCSLA) Abbotsford Bandits (WCSLA) Owen Sound Woodsmen (OLA) New Westminster, BC
2000 Newtown Golden Eagles (Can-Am) Brooklin Redmen (OLA) Kahnawake Mohawks (ILA) Kahnawake, QC
1999 Burnaby Bandits (WCSLA) North Shore Indians (WCSLA) Newtown Golden Eagles (Can-Am) Burnaby, BC
1998 Ladner Pioneers (BC) Newtown Golden Eagles (Can-Am) Tuscarora Thunderhawks (ILA) Tuscarora, NY
1997 Akwesasne Thunder (ILA) Ohsweken Wolves (Ont) Ladner Pioneers (WCSLA) Ladner, BC
1996 Ohsweken Wolves (Ont) Akwesasne Thunder (ILA) Kahnawake Mohawks (ILA) Cornwall, ON
1995 Akwesasne Thunder (ILA) Burnaby Lakers (WCSLA) Edmonton Miners (RMLL) Prince George, BC
1994 Tuscarora Thunderhawks (ILA) Burnaby Lakers (WCSLA) Akwesasne Thunder (ILA) Hamilton, ON
1993 North Shore Indians (WCSLA) Edmonton Miners (RMLL) Burnaby Lakers (WCSLA)
1992 Fergus Thistles (Ont) Nanaimo Timbermen (WCSLA) Edmonton Miners (RMLL)
1991 Owen Sound North Stars (Ont) Edmonton Miners (RMLL) --
1990 Fergus Thistles (Ont) Edmonton Miners (RMLL) Owen Sound North Stars (Ont) Fergus, ON
1989 Owen Sound North Stars (Ont) Nanaimo Timbermen (WCSLA) Edmonton Miners (RMLL)
1988 Fergus Thistles (Ont) Surrey Rebels (WCSLA) -- Halifax, NS
1987 Fergus Thistles (Ont) Sarnia Lumley Wrecking (Ont) Kahnawake Mohawks (ILA) Sarnia, ON
1986 Fergus Thistles (Ont) Newtown Golden Eagles (Can-Am) Surrey Rebels (WCSLA) Surrey, BC
1985 North Shore Indians (WCSLA) Orangeville Northmen (Ont) -- Ladner, BC
1984 Orangeville Northmen (Ont) -- --
1983 Calgary Mountaineers (Alberta) -- --
1982 Orangeville Northmen (Ont) -- --
1981 Orangeville Northmen (Ont) -- --
1980 Owen Sound North Stars (Ont) -- --
1979 Owen Sound North Stars (Ont) Kahnawake Mohawks (ILA) --
1978 Vernon Tigers (Okanagan) Six Nations Braves Akwesasne Warriors Edmonton, Alberta
1977 Vernon Tigers (Okanagan) -- --
1976 Vernon Tigers (Okanagan) Edmonton Fullers (Alberta) Caughnawaga Indians
1975 Edmonton Fullers (Alberta) Nova Scotia Prince George Canada Hotel (NCLA) Verdun/Magog, QC
1974 Prince George Oldstylers (NCLA) Winnipeg All-Stars (Alberta) New Westminster Rebels (NCLA) New Westminster, BC
1973 Windsor Warlocks (Ont) Prince George Oldstylers (NCLA) Nova Scotia Halifax, NS
1972 Brampton Excelsiors (Ont) New Westminster Blues (BC) --
1971 Windsor Warlocks (Ont) Burnaby Kokanee's (BC) -- Windsor, ON
1970 Windsor Clippers (Ont) New Westminster Blues (BC) none Windsor, ON
1969 Nanaimo Luckies (BC) Caughnawaga Indians Wallaceburg Red Devils (Ont)
1968 Brantford Supertests (Ont) Kahnawake Mohawks (ILA) --
1967 Brantford Supertests (Ont) -- --
1966 Nanaimo Luckies (BC) -- --
1965 Fergus Thistles (Ont) Cornwall Wildcats none
1964 Ohsweken Warriors (Ont) -- --

Most Valuable Player award[edit]

Year Player Team
1995 Dean Cecconi Akwesasne Thunder
1997 Andy Holland Burnaby Lakers
1999 Andy Holland Burnaby Lakers
2001 Jamie Grimoldby Owen Sound Woodsmen
2002 Grant McLeod Edmonton Outlaws
2003 Pat McCready Kitchener-Waterloo Kodiaks
2004 Rob Cook Ladner Pioneers
2005 Kyle Arbuckle Kitchener-Waterloo Kodiaks
2006 Jamie Rooney Wellington Aces
2007 Jim Veltman Ajax-Pickering Rock
2008 Callum Crawford Kahnawake Mohawks
2009 Findlay Wilson Niagara Hawks
2010 Jeremy Thompson Onondaga Redhawks
2011 Josh Sanderson Snake Island Muskies
2012 Jerome Thompson St. Regis Braves
2013 Jake Henhawk St. Catharines Saints
2014 Lyle Thompson Onondaga Redhawks

Leading scorer[edit]

Year Player Team G-A-P
1997 Kyle Goundrey Ladner Pioneers 10-9-19
1999 Jim Nishiyams Burnaby Bandits 6-12-18
2000 Mike Stevens Newton Golden Eagles 9-12-21
2001 Al Truant North Shore Indians 11-8-19
2002 Jamie Bowen Edmonton Outlaws 6-8-14
2003 Colin Sherbanuk Edmonton Outlaws 6-7-13
2004 Mike Stevens Newton Golden Eagles 7-15-22
2005 Kyle Arbuckle Kitchener-Waterloo Kodiaks 7-11-18
2006 Jamie Rooney Wellington Aces 10-10-20
2007 Jeff Pringle Ladner Pioneers 12-7-19
2008 Chad Culp Owen Sound Woodsmen 10-8-18
2009 Bryan Kazarian Owen Sound Woodsmen 12-24-36
2010 Luke Wiles Kahnawake Mohawks 13-23-36
2011 Josh Sanderson Snake Island Muskies 17-27-44
2012 Jerome Thompson St. Regis Braves 15-24-39
2013 Chris Attwood St. Catharines Saints 21-24-45
2014 Lyle Thompson Onondaga Redhawks 17-23-40
2015 Wayne VanEvery Six Nations Rivermen 15-16-31

All-Star Teams[edit]

First Team All-Stars[edit]

Year Goaltender Runners
1995 Jamie Scott (Burnaby) Dean Cecconci (Akwesasne), Mike Benedict, Jnr. (Akwesasne), Greg Davidson (Burnaby), Don Johannson (Burnaby), Kelly Young (Hagersville)
1997 Tom Valade (Burnaby) Charlie Lockwood (Akwesasne), Darren Wilson (Ohsweken), Kyle Goundrey (Ladner), John Wilson (Burnaby), Scott Hill (Ohsweken)
1998 Chris Stachniak (Edmonton), Kyle Goundrey (Ladner),
1999 Chris Levis (North Shore) Andy Holland (Burnaby), Gewas Schindler (Kahnawake), Dan Bostrom (Edmonton), Jim Nishiyama (Burnaby), Frank Bolton (North Shore)
2001 Joe Bell Jr.* (Abbostford)/
Rob Cook* (Abbotsford)
Jamie Grimoldby (Owen Sound), Mike Benedict Jr. (Snye), George Baker (North Shore), Al Truant (North Shore), Russ Heard (Abbotsford)
2002 Mike Thompson (Snye) Mike Benedict Jr. (Snye), Sean Hayes (Nanaimo), Jamie Bowen (Edmonton), Bill Brennan (Newton), Jamie Grimoldby (Owen Sound)
2003 Rob Blasdell (Owen Sound) Lindsay Plunkett (Owen Sound), Pat McCready (K-W), Colin Sherbanuk (Edmonton), Kevin Shires (Nanaimo), Kevin Biggs (Kahnawake)
2004 Rob Blasdell (Barrie) Chris Konopilliff (Kahnawake), Luke Wiles (Barrie), Ted Downling (Ladner), Greg Rennie (Ladner), Al Truant (Langley)
2005 Steve Dietrich (K-W) Jordan Hernandez (Tri-City), Louie Alfred (Kahnawake), David Brown (K-W), Kevin Howard (Sherwood Park), Wayne Burke (K-W)
2006 Rob Cook (Ladner) Jamie Rooney (Wellington), Shaun McRae (Tri-City), Ryan McNish (Sherwood Park), Scott Anderson (Ladner), Gewas Schindler (Onondaga)
2007 Grant McLeod (Sherwood Park) Brandon Sanderson (Owen Sound), Jeff Pringle (Ladner), Bryan Kazarian (Owen Sound), Jim Veltman (Ajax-Pickering), Chad Norton (LaSalle)
Year Goaltender Defence Forwards
2008 Ben VanEvery (Kahnawake) Lance Mitchell (Kahnawake), Jarrett Dorman (Tri-City) Ben Prepchuk (Sherwood Park), Peter Gut (Sherwood Park), Chris Driscoll (Owen Sound)
2009 Matt Soulliere (Tri-City) Logan Kane (Kahnawake), Joe Hall (Massena) Tyler Farmer (Okotoks), Kyle Smith (Six Nations), Charlie Girdler (Tri-City)
2010 Rob Cook (Burnaby) J. R. Bucktooth (Onondaga), Adam Jackson (Owen Sound) Luke Wiles (Kahnawake), Matt Quinton (Owen Sound), Jeremy Thompson (Onondaga)
2011 Jake Henhawk (St. Catharines) Pat McCreedy (St. Catharines), Daryl Seymour (St. Regis) Josh Sanderson (Snake Island), Brett Bucktooth (St. Regis), Geoff McNulty (St. Catharines)
2012 Alex Fortier (St. Regis) Jerome Thompson (St. Regis), Jamie Shewchuk (St. Regis) Andre Potter (St. Catharines), Dylan Llord (St. Catharines), Miles Thompson (St. Regis)
2013 Mike Thompson (Kahnawake) Chris Attwood (St. Catharines), Caleb Wiles (Kahnawake) Terry Melnyk (Calgary), Tim Bergin (Capital District), Miles Thompson (St. Regis)
2014 Warren Hill (Six Nations) Jeremy Thompson (Onondaga), John Lintz (St. Albert) Lyle Thompson (Onondaga), Nate Schmidt (St. Albert), Caleb Wiles (Kahnawake)

(*) denotes a tie in selection.

Second Team All-Stars[edit]

Year Goaltender Runners
1995 Neil Bombury (Akwesasne) Jason Kirby (Prince George), Todd Thomas (Hagersville), Jon Schneider (Edmonton), Marwan Jomha (Edmonton), Mark Burnham (Akwesasne)
1997 Rob Cook (Ladner) Marwan Jomha (Edmonton), Tom Sohier (Ladner), Travis Hill (Ohsweken), Mark Burnam (Akwesasne), Greg Phillips (Akwesasne)
1999 John Frame (Edmonton) Mike Kettles (Burnaby), Jamie Bowen (Edmonton), Brandon Seneca (Newton), Kono Douglas (Newton), Bobby Delarone (Kahnawake)
2001 Tom Valade (North Shore) Devan Wray (Edmonton), Jamie Bowen (Edmonton), Chris Gill (North Shore), Mike Stevens (Newton), Craig Ainsworth (Owen Sound)
2002 Grant McLeod (Edmonton) Vern Hill (Newton), Jon Tarbell (Snye), Tyler Heavenor (Nanaimo), Lindsay Plunkett (Owen Sound), Scott Thompson (Snye)
2003 Devon Dalep (Nanaimo) Louie Alfred (Kahnawake), Jamie Roy (Nanaimo), Andy Dudun (K-W), Mike Stevens (Newton), Bryan Kazarian* (Owen Sound), Kyle Arbuckle* (K-W)
2004 Rob Cook (Ladner) Jason Jankowski (Barrie), Lance Mitchell (Kahnawake), Sean Hayes (Langley), John Harding (Winnipeg), Louie Alfred (Kahnawake)
2005 Derek Collins (Kahnawake) Gewas Schindler (Onondaga), Kevin Hobday (Sherwood Park), Vern Hill (Mohawk), Russ Heard (Tri-City), Brett Bucktooth (Onondaga)
2006 Jeff Powless (Onondaga) Kasey Beirnes (Wellington), Kyle Goundry (Ladner), Bruce Codd (Wellington), Russ Heard (Tri-City), Dave McCrimmon (Sherwood Park)
2007 Steve Dietrich (Ajax-Pickering) Jimmy Quinlan (Sherwood Park), Mike Benedict Jr. (LaSalle), Shawn Summerfield (Ajax-Pickering), Ben Green (LaSalle), Darcy Powless (Six Nations)
Year Goaltender Defence Forwards
2008 Josh McNaughton (Owen Sound) Dan Bostrom (Sherwood Park), Rob McGowean (Airdrie) D. J. Serr (Kahnawake), Tony Walker (Six Nations), Chad Culp (Owen Sound)
2009 Jake Henhawk (Six Nations) Callum Crawford (Kahnawake), Jim Barnes (Massena) Chris Janese (Niagara), Brandon Sanderson (Owen Sound), Justin Thomas (Tri-City)
2010 Ross Bucktooth (Onondaga) Andy Spack (Onondaga), Shane Lopatynicki (St. Albert) Jamie Grimoldby (Owen Sound), Athan Iannucci (Tri-City), Jamie Rooney (Kahnawake)
2011 Alex Coutts (St. Albert) Kasey Beirnes (Kahnawake), Ryan Oakes (Snake Island) Callum Crawford (Kahnawake), Tom Seeman (Tri-City), Peter Jacobs (St. Regis)
2012 Jake Henhawk (St. Catharines) Dean Hill (St. Regis), Mark Schermann (Rockyview) Ryan McNish (Spruce Grove), Derek Tom (Rockyview), Murray Porter (St. Catharines)
2013 Jake Henhawk (St. Catharines) Miles Thompson (Caughnawaga), Russell Thomas (Nanaimo) Mike Klotz (Calgary), Callum Crawford (Kahnawake), Seth Oakes (Caughnawaga)
2014 David Marrese (St. Albert) Richard Cambrey (Tri-City), Jordan Cornfield (St. Albert) Steve Higgs (Nanaimo), Peter Jacobs (Kahnawake), Wayne VanEvery (Six Nations)

(*) denotes a tie in selection.


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