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President of the
Co-operative Republic of Guyana
Arms of the President of Guyana.svg
Presidential Coat of arms
Presidential Standard of Guyana.svg
Presidential Standard
David Arthur Granger (21605566518) (cropped).jpg
David Granger

since 16 May 2015
Style His / Her Excellency
Residence State House, Georgetown
Term length Usual term of 5 years, renewable once
Inaugural holder Arthur Chung
Formation 17 March 1970
Succession Prime Minister of Guyana
Deputy Prime Minister of Guyana (as First Vice-President)
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The President of the Co-operative Republic of Guyana is the head of state and the head of government of Guyana, as well as the commander-in-chief of the Guyana Defence Force, according to the Constitution of Guyana. The President is also the Chancellor of the Orders of Guyana.[1]

History and description[edit]

When Guyana was declared a republic in 1970, the president was elected by the National Assembly for a five-year term and possessed largely ceremonial powers. After a 1980 referendum, the constitution was amended to make the president an executive post, and the president became known as the executive president. The leader of the party receiving the most votes in a General and Regional Election becomes president, and holds office for the legislature's duration—in practice, five years.

Presidents are counted beginning with President Arthur Chung in 1970. Executive presidents are counted beginning with President Forbes Burnham (first executive president) in 1980.

Presidents of Guyana (1970–present)[edit]

Under the 1970 Constitution of the Republic of Guyana, the President replaced the monarch as ceremonial head of state. The President was elected by the National Assembly for a five-year term. In the event of a vacancy the Prime Minister (who is also ex officio the country's First Vice President) served as Acting President. In 1980, the powers of the President were increased, with the establishment of the executive presidency.

  Denotes Acting President
President Term of office Political party
(at time of election)
Prime Minister(s)
Portrait Name
Took office Left office Duration
1 President Arthur Chung.jpg Arthur Chung
17 March 1970 6 October 1980 10 years, 203 days Independent Burnham
2 LFSB.jpg Forbes Burnham
6 October 1980 6 August 1985
(died in office.)
4 years, 304 days People's National Congress Reid
3 Hoyte.jpg Desmond Hoyte
6 August 1985 9 October 1992 7 years, 64 days People's National Congress Green
4 President Cheddi Jagan.png Cheddi Jagan
9 October 1992 6 March 1997
(died in office.)
4 years, 148 days People's Progressive Party Hinds
5 Sam Hinds 2006.jpg Sam Hinds
6 March 1997 19 December 1997 288 days People's Progressive Party Janet Jagan
6 Janet Jagan.png Janet Jagan
19 December 1997 11 August 1999
1 year, 235 days People's Progressive Party Hinds
7 Jagdeo03032007.jpg Bharrat Jagdeo
11 August 1999 3 December 2011 12 years, 114 days People's Progressive Party Hinds
8 Donald Ramotar.png Donald Ramotar
3 December 2011 16 May 2015 3 years, 164 days People's Progressive Party Hinds
9 David Arthur Granger (21605566518) (cropped).jpg David Granger
16 May 2015 Incumbent 1 year, 132 days
(as of 25 September 2016)
People's National Congress

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  1. ^ "Ramotar blasts arbitrary handout of national awards". Guyana Times. 29 May 2015. Retrieved 11 June 2015. ...according to the Constitution of the Orders of Guyana, the President is the Chancellor of the Orders of Guyana and custodian of the insignia, ribbons and records of the orders.