Presiding Officer (Guantanamo Military Commissions)

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List of Presiding Officers and suspects[edit]

Guantanamo military commission Presiding Officers
rank officer service case(s) notes
Colonel Peter Brownback United States Army
Captain Keith J. Allred United States Navy
Colonel W. Thomas Cumbie United States Air Force
Colonel Ronald A. Gregory United States Air Force
Colonel Ralph H. Kohlmann United States Marine Corps
Lieutenant Colonel Nancy J. Paul United States Marine Corps
Colonel James L. Pohl United States Army
Colonel Robert Chester United States Marine Corps
Colonel Steven David United States Army Reserve
Colonel Patrick Parrish United States Army
Captain Moira Modzelewski United States Navy
Lieutenant Colonel Raymond Eugene Beal II United States Marine Corps
Colonel Stephen R. Henley United States Army
Captain Bruce W. Mackenzie United States Navy

Pohl assigns all open cases to himself[edit]

When James Pohl replaced Ralph Kohlmann as the Chief Presiding Officer, in 2009, he had the authority to choose which cases were assigned to the other Presiding Officers. Pohl assigned all new cases to himself.