Presidio Santa Maria de Galve

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A 1699 Spanish drawing of Fort San Carlos de Austria, the main fort at the presidio

The Presidio Santa Maria de Galve, founded in 1698 by Spanish colonists, was the first European settlement of Pensacola, Florida after that of Tristan de Luna in 1559-1561. It was in the area of Fort Barrancas at modern-day Naval Air Station Pensacola, in northwestern Florida.

Much of the town was burned in 1707 when Fort San Carlos de Austria was besieged by a large Indian force. It was captured peacefully on May 14, 1719, by Governor Bienville of French Louisiana, with a fleet of ships and a large ground force of Indian warriors. A hurricane devastated the area in 1722, and the evacuating French occupation forces burned the settlement before leaving.

The Spanish forces rebuilt Fort San Carlos in 1722. It was later the sites of other forts, notably the 19th century Fort Barrancas, which still stands.

The site of Santa Maria de Galve has been investigated by archaeologists with the University of West Florida.[1]

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