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Birth name Petya Koleva Ivanova
Born (1984-06-26) June 26, 1984 (age 31)
Dobrich, Bulgaria
Genres Pop-folk, Balkan pop
Occupation(s) Singer
Years active 2004-present
Labels Payner
Associated acts Milko Kalaidjiev, Ork.Akademitsi ,DJ Jerry, Rashid Al Rashid, Boris Dali, Nadia Zahoor, Konstantin, Elena, Ivelina Koleva, Galena, Anelia

Petya Koleva Ivanova (born June 26, 1984), best known by her stage name Preslava (Преслава), is a Bulgarian pop-folk singer. She was born in Dobrich, Bulgaria where she completed her musical education with the specialty ‘folk singing’.[1] Since 2006, Preslava has been one of the most successful Bulgarian pop-folk singers.


Preslava's first performance was with Milko Kalayjhiev (her discoverer)[2] and the song “Nezhen reket”.[3] Her first solo song was called “Tazi nosht". Her first album was “Preslava”, of which songs like “Nyamash sartse”, “Gorchivi spomeni”, “Mili moy” and “Duma za vyarnost”, as well as her first song, stood out.

The following year, 2005, she won the award ‘Début of 2004’ at the “4th Annual Awards of Planeta TV’.[4] Preslava made her biggest hit – “Dyavolsko zhelanie” which made thousands of people her fans. She was invited to participate in “Planeta Prima 2005”, Planeta Payner’s summer tour. A new album was released, this time called “Dyavolsko zhelanie”. The hit songs from this album were: “Finalni dumi”, “Nyamam pravo”, “Bezrazlichna”, as well as the main song. Later, in 2006, Preslava won the awards “Most Prosperous Performer of 2005" and "Song of 2005" ( for "Dyavolsko zhelanie")at the “5th Annual Awards of Planeta TV”. She released the song “I kogato samne”, which again became another big hit. Preslava became advertising face of mastic “Karnobatska” and released the advertising song – “Preday se na zhelanieto”. She enjoyed great success and it was no surprise she again participated in the summer tour. The summer of 2006 was also the time in which her duet with Boris Dali appeared. It was called “Parvi v sartseto”. After hits like “Zaklevam te” and “Umorih se”, she again hit the top with her new album – “Intriga”. Its pilot song – “Lazha e”, a rock entry, remains one of the most emblematic songs in her career.

Preslava started the new year with a song from her last album. The song was called “Nishto drugo”. At the ceremony of “5th Annual Awards of Planeta TV”, she won the following prizes: ‘Female Singer of 2006’ and ‘Song of 2006’ (I kogato sumne). A bit after that, she again took part in commercial for mastic “Karnobatska” and released a continuation of the first advertising song. Predictably, the new song was called “Preday se na zhelanieto 2”. Preslava again participated in the summer tour. That was the reason to release a new song – “Mazh na horizonta”. 2007 can be considered as the most successful year for Preslava. Another proof for that are the mega hit “Moyat nov lyubovnik” as well as her new album “Ne sam angel” which was ranked gold. Every song in it became hit. A videos for the main song and the song “Posleden adres” were also made.

As every year, 2008 began with new awards for Preslava. She received the awards for ‘Female Singer of 2007’ as well as ‘Song of 2007’ (Lazha e). Preslava released the song “Ostavi mi” which was thought to be the song of Bulgaria in the Eurovision Song Contest 2008 but, unfortunately, this didn’t come to reality. She was again one of the stars of the tour “Planeta Derby Plus 2008” and this can be proved by the fact she closed the show. Until the end of the year, She released two songs which were accompanied by videos -“Novata ti” and “Ot dobrite momicheta”.

Preslava won the following awards at the “7th Annual Awards of Planeta TV” – ‘Female Singer of 2008’, ‘Album of 2008’ (Ne sam angel; although it appeared in 2007, it was still the most sold in 2008) and ‘Most Artistic Presence in Video’ (Novata ti). She was also invited to the festival “Montefolk” in Montenegro where she got the following award “Biggest Bulgarian Star” getting 90% of the votes. Along with the ceremony, she released the song “Chervena tochka”. Preslava also appears for a week in “VIP Brother 3”. Two new songs appear – her second duet with Boris Dali – “Barzo li govorya” as well as “Zle razpredeleni”. During the summer tour, Preslava presents her new hits – “Pazi se ot priyatelki” and “Fenomen” which reminds of her mega hit “Lazha e”. After two years, Preslava presents her new album - “Pazi se ot priyatelki”. Until the end of the year, she releases two duets with Konstantin – “Useshtane za zhena” and “Ne mi prechi”.

2010 Preslava won for 4th time in a row the award ‘Female Singer of 2009”. Other awards for her on the “8th Annual Awards of Planeta TV” were: ‘Album of 2009’ as well as ‘Duet song of 2009’ (Ne mi prechi). She released her new song – “Dishay” who became big hit. Preslava announced she will not release any songs this year except songs with big potential to become hits. That’s why she had only 3 songs that year: “Piya za tebe”, a duet song, this time with Elena. That was one of the biggest hits of the summer. Other song which became big hit, was “Zhenite sled men”, as well as “Mrasno i poleka”.

The first song of 2011 in Bulgaria was Preslava’s new song – “Kak ti stoi” which first air was in 01:11 AM. It was written by Costi who made most of the 2010 hits. Then Preslava recorded the song “Hayde, otkazhi me” with Galena.

In 2015 at the “13th Annual Awards of Planeta TV” Preslava won - 'Ballad of the Year (2014)' for her song 'Ako utre me gubish'(If you lose me tomorrow) and 'Female Singer of the Year (2014)'.


Covers of Preslava's song[edit]

Name of original Singer of original Year of original Language of original Name of cover Singer of cover Year of cover Language of cover
Kak ti stoi Preslava 2011 Bulgarian Strašno ti stojim Nikol Bulat 2011 Croatian
Kak ti stoi Preslava 2011 Bulgarian Always on my mind Kat DeLuna, Costi Ioniță 2013 English
Kak ti stoi Preslava 2011 Bulgarian E imja dashuri Anila Mimani, Rati 2013 Albanian
Kak ti stoi Preslava 2011 Bulgarian Tattimsyn Berkut & Aisha 2013 Kazakhstan
I can't deny Preslava, Jore Dos 2011 English I can't deny Nikol Bulat, Miro 2014 English
Kato za final Preslava 2011 Bulgarian Neka ide život Allegro Band 2012 Serbian
Rezhim "Neprilichna" Preslava 2013 Bulgarian Vatra i kiša Allegro Band 2014 Serbian

Preslava's covers[edit]

Name of original Singer of original Year of original Language of original Name of cover Singer of cover Year of cover Language of cover
Ya rabb Marwan Khoury, Carole Samaha 2006 Arabic Ne mi prechi Preslava, Konstantin 2009 Bulgarian
Gyrismata Despina Vandi 2011 Greek Pishi go neuspeshno Preslava 2014 Bulgarian




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