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Pressburg Yeshiva of Jerusalem (Hebrew: ישיבת פרשבורג‎) is a leading yeshiva located in the Givat Shaul neighborhood of Jerusalem, Israel.[1] It was founded in 1950 by Rabbi Akiva Sofer (known as the Daas Sofer), a great-grandson of Rabbi Moses Sofer (the Chasam Sofer), who established the original Pressburg Yeshiva in the Austro-Hungarian Empire in 1807. As of 2009, the rosh yeshiva is Rabbi Simcha Bunim Sofer.

The yeshiva building includes a yeshiva ketana, yeshiva gedola, and kollel.

The main beis medrash doubles as a synagogue where some neighborhood residents also pray on Shabbat. The complex also includes a general neighborhood synagogue which functions as Givat Shaul's main nusach Ashkenaz synagogue.


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Coordinates: 31°47′28.79″N 35°11′40.66″E / 31.7913306°N 35.1946278°E / 31.7913306; 35.1946278