Lake Pressegg

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Lake Pressegg
Pressegger See 24092006 01.jpg
Location Carinthia
Coordinates 46°37′34″N 13°26′29″E / 46.62611°N 13.44139°E / 46.62611; 13.44139Coordinates: 46°37′34″N 13°26′29″E / 46.62611°N 13.44139°E / 46.62611; 13.44139
Type glacial lake
Primary inflows Vellacher Bach
Primary outflows Pressegger–Seebach to Gail river
Catchment area 28.74 km2 (11.10 sq mi)
Basin countries Austria
Surface area 0.55 km2 (0.21 sq mi)
Average depth 3.4 m (11 ft)
Max. depth 13.7 m (45 ft)
Water volume 1,878,027 m3 (1,522.541 acre·ft)
Residence time 0.05 years
Surface elevation 560 m (1,840 ft)
Settlements Hermagor

Lake Pressegg[1] (German: Pressegger See, Slovene: Preseško jezero) is a lake in Carinthia, Austria. It is located in a glacial valley within the Gailtal Alps, a mountain range of the Southern Limestone Alps, east of Hermagor. With an average depth of 3.4 m (11 ft), the water body of the semi-circular lake is relatively flat. It is characterized by extended reed beds, while there are also bathing beaches on the northern and southern shore busy in summer.


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