Pressure Point (album)

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Pressure Point
Freestylers - Pressure Point (album).jpg
Studio album by Freestylers
Released 2001[1]
Recorded 72:02 (2001 UK release)
76:49 (2002 US release)
Genre Big beat, breakbeat, trip hop
Label Freskanova (UK)
Mammoth (US)
Producer Freestylers
Freestylers chronology
We Rock Hard
(1998)We Rock Hard1998
Pressure Point
Raw as F**k
(2004)Raw as F**k2004

Pressure Point is the second album by the English electronic group Freestylers, released in 2001. The album contains singles such as "Get Down Massive", "Told You So" and "Weekend Song".

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Intro" Matt Cantor, Aston Harvey 1:02
2. "Now Is the Time" Cantor, Harvey 4:38
3. "London Sound" (featuring Tenor Fly) Cantor, Harvey, Jonathan Sutter 5:39
4. "Told You So" (featuring Petra) Cantor, Harvey, Petra Jean Phillipson 4:41
5. "Bad Boy Love" (featuring Navigator) Cantor, Harvey, Raymond Crawford 6:09
6. "Bass Odyssey" Cantor, Harvey 5:25
7. "Calling" (featuring Valerie M) Cantor, Harvey, Valerie Malcolm 5:30
8. "Phenomenon One" (featuring Tenor Fly) Cantor, Harvey, Sutter 5:48
9. "Broadcast Channels" (featuring Cardinal) Cantor, Harvey, Justin Warfield 6:26
10. "Blowin Ya Brainz" Cantor, Harvey 5:15
11. "Weekend Song" (featuring Tenor Fly) Cantor, Harvey, Sutter 4:23
12. "Get Down Massive" (featuring Navigator) Cantor, Harvey, Crawford 5:25
13. "Rumours of War" (featuring Navigator) Cantor, Harvey, Crawford 5:59
14. "Signs" (featuring Spanner Banner & Tenor Fly) Cantor, Harvey, Joseph Bonner, Sutter 5:42
Total length: 1:12:02
  • In the 2002 US release, some tracks have altered durations (especially 3 & 10) and tracks 2-4 & 11-12 have changed their order of appearance.