Prestige Hong Kong

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Prestige Hong Kong (Magazine)
EditorChristina Ko
CategoriesLuxury Lifestyle, Fashion, Society
PublisherPetula Pollard Kincaid
First issueSeptember 2005
CompanyHubert Burda Media
CountryHong Kong

Prestige Hong Kong is Hong Kong's first luxury lifestyle and society magazine.


Prestige Hong Kong is a luxury and lifestyle magazine published by Burda International a subsidiary owned by Hubert Burda Media in several countries of Asia. The English edition of Prestige Magazine was launched in 2005 and is considered one of Asia's oldest luxury news magazine with a focus on providing articles of fashion, celebrities, culture, travel, high society and interviews.

Prestige Online[edit]

Prestige Online is the online web portal of the Prestige brand. It is one of the most-visited luxury media portals in the English language area, providing fashion and watches and jewellery reviews.

Prestige online is operated by Burda International Asia


In 2010, Prestige Hong Kong received Honorable Mention for Magazine Design for the 2010 SOPA awards, coming in second to Harper's Bazaar Singapore. In 2011, Prestige Hong Kong received the bronze plaque in the annual Fifth Sinar Mas Print Awards.

Cover Stars[edit]

Each issue features an exclusive story spotlighting an international celebrity.

Milestone Issues[edit]

In September 2008, for its third anniversary, Prestige Hong Kong published an 808-page special issue, its largest and heaviest edition, weighing in at more than 3 kg.

September 2010, for its fifth anniversary, Prestige Hong Kong produced a dual cover edition featuring Kim Kardashian. One of the covers showed Kardashian flanked by two naked male models.

Reports and Supplements[edit]

In addition to the main book, Prestige Hong Kong also contains seasonal pull outs with in-depth coverage on fashion, jewellery, health and beauty, weddings, dining, property and travel.

Other publications[edit]

LIFESTYLE Annual supplementary 200 page magazine. Lifestyle also features a spotlight on the best in dining, entertainment, fashion, shopping and travel.

TIC TALK Annual supplementary 200 page glossy magazine featuring watches.

RUNWAY A supplementary 150 page fashion magazine. Published four times annually, the March and April issues cover women's and men's Spring Summer shows, whilst the September and October issues covers the Autumn Winter shows.