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Presto Tablet
Manufacturer E la Carte
Type Restaurant Tablet
Release date 2008 (2008)
Platform Android

The Intel-powered wireless Presto tablet by E la Carte[1] is designed for restaurants. Presto integrates with a restaurant’s Point of Sale (POS) System.[2] Presto’s touchscreen allows guests to view menu items, order, play games, and pay their check.[3] It also allows guests to split the bill.[4]



The seven-inch tablet sits on a stand and has a LED light, credit card reader, and a rechargeable removable battery that lasts up to 20 hours.[5] Presto is also PCI PA-DSS 2.0 certified.[6] Furthermore, the tablet contains an Intel Atom processor.[7]


It’s equipped with Bluetooth, a camera, and NFC (near field communication) chips[8] to support mobile wallet applications that leverage NFC such as Apple Pay.[9]

LED Light[edit]

The Presto’s LED light is located at the top of the tablet. The LED light changes colors to indicate the different stages of the guest dining process.[10] For example, a blue light will appear after guests have placed their order and a green light will show indicating that the guest has paid their check.


There is a credit card reader on the top of the tablet.[11] When guests are ready to pay their bill, guests can either pay using their credit card or with cash.[12]


The tablet also has a removable battery. The battery holds a 20-hour charge and is placed in charging racks for six hours.[13]


Presto tablets run andorid but with Exclusive software that is integrated with the restaurant's Point of Sale systems in order to process orders and transactions.[14] Presto also contains premium content, such as games, for guests while they wait for their food. There are different games designed for the single user, groups, and families.[15]


Restaurants that have installed the Presto tablet include Applebee’s, Genghis Grill, and Evergreen Restaurant Group, a franchisee of Outback Steakhouse.[16]

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