Preston (electoral district)

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Nova Scotia electoral district
Defunct provincial electoral district
Legislature Nova Scotia House of Assembly
First contested 1993
Last contested 2009
Population (2006) 10,024
Electors 7,680
Census divisions Halifax Regional Municipality

Preston is a former provincial electoral district in Nova Scotia, Canada which existed from 1993-2013. It elected one member of the Nova Scotia House of Assembly. In its last configuration, the electoral district included the communities of North Preston, East Preston, and Cherrybrook.

The electoral district was created in 1993 and was conceived to provide representation to the area's rural black community; roughly two-thirds of the population during the district's existence was African Nova Scotian. The electoral district was abolished following the 2012 electoral boundary review and was largely replaced by the new electoral district of Preston-Dartmouth.

Members of the Legislative Assembly[edit]

The electoral district was represented by the following Members of the Legislative Assembly:

Legislature Years Member Party
61st 2009–2013 Keith Colwell Liberal
60th 2006-2009
59th 2003-2006
58th 1999-2003     David Hendsbee Progressive Conservative
57th 1998-1999     Yvonne Atwell New Democratic
56th 1993-1998     Wayne Adams Liberal

Election results[edit]

Nova Scotia general election, 2009
Party Candidate Votes % ±
  Liberal Keith Colwell 1908 42.20
  New Democratic Party Janet Sutcliffe 1316 29.11
  Progressive Conservative Dwayne Provo 1240 27.43
Green Sarah Densmore 57 1.26
Nova Scotia general election, 2006
Party Candidate Votes % ±
  Liberal Keith Colwell 1853 42.13
  Progressive Conservative Dwayne Provo 1610 36.83
  New Democratic Party Douglas Sparks 843 19.17
Green David Farrell 82 1.86
Nova Scotia general election, 2003
Party Candidate Votes % ±
  Liberal Keith Colwell 1411 33.90
  Progressive Conservative David Hensbee 1361 32.92
  New Democratic Party Douglas Sparks 1331 31.97
Marijuana Marc-Boris St-Maurice 50 1.21
Nova Scotia general election, 1999
Party Candidate Votes % ±
  Progressive Conservative David Hensbee 1800
  New Democratic Party Yvonne Atwell 1496
  Liberal Wendell Thomas 509