Preston Pipe Bridge

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Coordinates: 54°32′02″N 1°19′23″W / 54.534°N 1.323°W / 54.534; -1.323

Preston Pipe Bridge
Preston Pipe Bridge-1200.jpg
Preston Pipe Bridge over the River Tees
Coordinates 54°32′1.1″N 1°19′24″W / 54.533639°N 1.32333°W / 54.533639; -1.32333
Carries Water supply pipes
Crosses River Tees
Locale Borough of Stockton-on-Tees, England, United Kingdom
Official name Preston Pipe Bridge
Owner Northumbrian Water
Preceded by Yarm Bridge
Followed by Jubilee Bridge
Design Tied arch
Material Concrete
Longest span 210 feet (64 m)
No. of spans 1
Piers in water 0
Constructed by Dowsett
Construction end 1959

The Preston Pipe Bridge carries three water pipes across the River Tees north of Ingleby Barwick in the borough of Stockton-on-Tees in the north-east of England. The bridge is situated over five kilometres upriver from Stockton town centre, and some 200 m upriver from Jubilee Bridge.


Preston Pipe Bridge is a 210 feet (64 m) span concrete tied arch bridge with concrete abutments[1][2] and supplies water to southern Teesside.


The bridge was built in 1959 by constructor Dowsett to carry two 33 inches (84 cm) diameter water pipes across the Tees.[1][2] The bridge arch, weighing 200 tonnes was assembled on the Durham bank from prefabricated concrete parts and rolled out across the river on a temporary Bailey Bridge, then moved sideways onto its pre-prepared concrete abutments.[1]


A third pipe was added in 1979 and there is strictly no public access across the bridge.[2] The bridge is best accessed on foot from the Jubilee Bridge along the river bank.


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