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Billboard for Eveready Prestone Antifreeze in Vancouver, 1932

Prestone is an American brand of antifreeze owned by KIK Custom Products Inc. It was originally made by Union Carbide, who spun off their consumer products in 1986 to form First Brands (see Glad). In 1994, First Brands spun off the brand to its management and Vestar Capital Partners. AlliedSignal purchased Prestone in 1997. AlliedSignal went on to purchase Honeywell and assume its name in 1999; Honeywell later sold its consumer products division, including Prestone, to Rank Group in 2011 for $950 million. In April 2016 Prestone Products Corp was sold to private-equity firm Centerbridge Partners for $230 million.

Several varieties of antifreeze are sold under the Prestone name, in addition to radiator additives, such as stop leaks. The Prestone name is also used for other automotive chemicals, including windshield washer fluid, as well as Prestone Heat, a sidewalk de-icer.


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