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Prestonfield House
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General information
LocationPrestfield Road, Edinburgh,  Scotland
Coordinates55°56′11″N 3°09′27″W / 55.936426°N 3.157475°W / 55.936426; -3.157475Coordinates: 55°56′11″N 3°09′27″W / 55.936426°N 3.157475°W / 55.936426; -3.157475
Other information
Number of suites23
Number of restaurants1

Prestonfield House is a boutique hotel in Prestonfield, Edinburgh, Scotland.

Prestonfield House was originally built in 1687 by architect Sir William Bruce,[1] and was once considered a wealthy rural estate, but in recent decades has come to serve as a hotel.

Although it falls on the small side as an establishment, having only 23 rooms, Prestonfield House is well-known to hotel and hospitality critics.[2][3]

The hotel is at the foot of Arthur's Seat. The hotel owns a large roundhouse, previously used for keeping horses. The stables were repurposed and now host events, including the "Taste of Scotland Festival".[4]


Originally known as Priestfield, the site was once a wealthy monastery, founded in 1150 by Henry, Earl of Northumbria.[5]

Circa 1510, Walter Chepman built Priestfield House on the site. Thomas Hamilton, Lord Priestfield was clearly living in the house in 1607, when he adopted Prestonfield as his style as a Senator of the College of Justice.[6]

James Dick bought the house in 1671. It burned down during an anti-Catholic riot in 1681. Dick employed Sir William Bruce to design a replacement building, which was then renamed Prestonfield, distancing it from its Catholic connections.[7]

The house remained the home of the Dick baronets for many centuries.

In 1751 the house was inherited by Sir Alexander Dick[8] from his elder brother William and his wife Anne Dick. The Dick family continued to modify and improve the estate, adding paintings, a new staircase with reception rooms and a porte-cochère. Most notably, the stable house was built in the 19th century, as designed by James Gillespie Graham.

The estate was converted for use as a hotel in the 1960s and, in 2003, the hotel was bought by restaurateur James Thomson.


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