Pretoria National Botanical Garden

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Pretoria National Botanical Garden
The cycad garden in the Pretoria National Botanical Garden
The cycad garden in the Pretoria National Botanical Garden
Pretoria National Botanical Garden is located in Pretoria
Pretoria National Botanical Garden
Type Botanical
Location Pretoria, Gauteng
Area 76 hectares (0.76 km2)
Created 1946
Plaque commemorating the founder of the garden, Dr R. A. Dyer

The Pretoria National Botanical Garden is one of South Africa's nine National Botanical Gardens.[1] The garden is wedged between Pretoria Road and Cussonia Avenue in Brummeria, in eastern Pretoria, Gauteng, and flanks a central rocky ridge that runs from east to west. The 76 hectares (0.76 km2) garden was established in 1946, and of late hosts the headquarters of the South African National Biodiversity Institute.[2]


The day visitors' entrance is along Cussonia Avenue. This western section contains the wetland, cycad garden, succulent garden, useful plants garden, medicinal garden and enabling garden. Situated among these is a restaurant, concert stage, tea garden and function hall beside an artificial waterfall.

Situated around the center of the garden is the National Herbarium, Biodiversity Center and Environmental Education Center. The Mary Gunn Library is housed within the National Herbarium.[3]

Aloe Lodge (formerly Velcich House) north of the ridge is destined to house offices of the Working for Wetlands and Grassland Programmes.

The eastern side of the garden is less developed. An arboretum and natural grassland is located here, besides the Dassie walking trail along the central ridge,[4] and the garden offices.

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