Pretty Good Dance Moves

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Pretty Good Dance Moves
Pretty Good Dance Moves
Background information
Origin Chicago / Brooklyn, United States
Genres Indietronica, electropop
Years active 2007–present
Members Jimmy Giannopoulos
Aaron Allietta

Pretty Good Dance Moves is an indietronica band from Chicago, Illinois in the United States. Their sound, sometimes also labeled as electropop, is influenced by 1980s new wave, electronic, pop and indie rock genres.


Genesis of the Group[edit]

Pretty Good Dance Moves started in 2007 in Chicago when Aaron and Jimmy met while bartending together in Chicago. Their parents are of Italian and Greek-Cyprian descent respectively.

Pretty Good Dance Moves's first songs were "P.G.D.M" and "Demons Dancing" which were recorded between June and September 2007. Jimmy and Aaron were looking for some female presence in the group and called up Genevieve Schatz from Chicago band Company of Thieves and started to create music together. Her vocal performances are featured on the earliest songs Pretty Good Dance Moves produced, which were written and recorded between January and May 2007. Collaborations would remain an integral part of the group's creative process.

Early acclaim[edit]

Pretty Good Dance Moves self-released, self-titled EP struck a chord with the influential Chicago Sun-Times music critic and former Rolling Stone editor, Jim DeRogatis. After a favorable review in Chicago's biggest daily, the band got noticed by Chicago music goers and music journalists from publications like SPIN, Time Out Magazine, the Chicago Tribune and influential music blogs.

Pretty Good Dance Moves went on to win Famecast's award for best electronic video,[1] which included $10,000 in award money and features in Billboard magazine.

In 2011, Pretty Good Dance Moves signed to Mad Dragon Records to release their first full-length entitled "Limo". The LP is set to release on February 7, 2012 and features Sabina Sciubba of Brazilian Girls on vocals.


The music magazine Spin magazine has compared their earliest songs to indietronic band The Postal Service.[2][3] Pretty Good Dance Moves EP has also been compared to James Murphy's house music project LCD Soundsystem, UK downtempo group Zero 7 and the Brazilian Girls.[3]


Pretty Good Dance Moves has collaborated with Genevieve Schatz from Chicago band Company of Thieves, American comedian Kristen Schaal famously known from HBO series Flight of the Conchords in the making of the music video for the song "Demons Dancing" and America's Next Top Model runner up Shandy Sullivan in the making of the music video for "In the Heat of the Night". The band is currently working on collaborations with members of Chicago indie rock group The Changes and Chicago electronic rock band Walter Meego.


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