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"Pretty Green Eyes"
Single by Force & Styles feat. Junior
from the album All over the UK
B-side "Apollo 13, pt. II (The Journey Home)"
Released 24 February 1997 (1997-02-24)
Format 12" vinyl
Recorded 1996 at UK Dance Studios, Clacton-on-Sea
Genre Happy hardcore
Length 6:48
Label UK Dance
Writer(s) Paul Hobbs, Darren Mew, Leon Van Brown
Producer(s) Force & Styles
Force & Styles feat. Junior singles chronology
"United in Dance"
"Pretty Green Eyes"
"Paradise & Dreams"

"Pretty Green Eyes" is a song originally written and recorded by Force & Styles featuring Junior. A remixed version appeared on their debut album All Over the UK (1996) and the song was released as a 12-inch single in 1997. The song achieved mainstream popularity in 2003 when it was covered by Ultrabeat and peaked at No. 2 on the UK Singles Chart.

Force & Styles version[edit]

The Force & Styles version was a happy hardcore song which features the vocals of Junior, and was played at Simon and Kerry's wedding – Simon being an MC who had previously performed with Force & Styles when they DJ'd at various hardcore club nights. The song was produced by Force & Styles and recorded with Junior at their own 'UK Dance Studios', in Clacton-on-Sea, Essex in 1996.

It first appeared on hardcore compilation albums, and in 1997 it was released on 12" vinyl on Force & Styles's own record label UK Dance Records, with a b-side "Apollo 13 [pt II] (The Journey Home)". The vinyl was also re-released in 2001.

This hardcore version, although popular among hardcore listeners, never achieved the same mainstream success as the Ultrabeat cover.

After the death of Junior on 31 December 2011, an online campaign to get the original, hardcore version into the charts was started called "Let's get Junior - Pretty Green Eyes (Force & Styles) to #1".

Track listing[edit]

12-inch single
  1. "Pretty Green Eyes" (feat. Junior) – 6:48
  2. "Apollo 13 [pt II] (The Journey Home)" – 6:04


Force & Styles
Additional musicians
  • Junior – vocals

Ultrabeat version[edit]

"Pretty Green Eyes"
Single by Ultrabeat
from the album Ultrabeat: The Album
Released 4 August 2003 (2003-08-04)
Format CD, 12" vinyl, Download
Recorded 2002
Genre Trance
Length 3:21 (radio edit)
Label All Around the World
Writer(s) Paul Hobbs, Darren Mew, Leon Van Brown
Producer(s) Ultrabeat
Certification Silver (BPI)
Ultrabeat chronology
"Pretty Green Eyes"
"Feelin' Fine"

When Ultrabeat decided to record the song, the three producers were all fans of happy hardcore from 1997 onwards and they chose to record the old Force & Styles song, "Pretty Green Eyes". The group used a recording studio in Liverpool, where Mike Di Scala was the engineer, and they first recorded the song there, with Mike singing. During the recording session, they did not have a pop filter for the microphone, so they had to use a sock instead.

The song was signed by All Around the World because of Di Scala's last single for the label under the Rezonance Q alias. "Someday", a cover of the Mariah Carey song, had achieved #29 in the charts and when Di Scala was discussing its success with All Around the World, he played them Ultrabeat's demo of "Pretty Green Eyes".

The song became more popular when it was released on promos and Clubland III and played more in nightclubs. The single was released in August 2003. It entered the UK Singles Chart at #2 and stayed in the charts for 15 weeks. This led to Ultrabeat performing on Top of the Pops and a lock-out signing in the HMV store in Liverpool. BBC Radio 1 and many other radio stations playlisted the song and it appeared on many compilation albums such as Now! 56.

Track listing[edit]

CD Single 1

  1. "Pretty Green Eyes" (radio edit) – 3:21
  2. "Pretty Green Eyes" (CJ Stone remix) – 7:52
  3. "Pretty Green Eyes" (extended mix) – 6:53

CD Single 2

  1. "Pretty Green Eyes" (CJ Stone edit) – 3:04
  2. "Pretty Green Eyes" (N-Trance remix) – 6:46
  3. "Pretty Green Eyes" (Scott Brown remix) – 6:38
  4. "Pretty Green Eyes" (video)

Maxi CD Single

  1. "Pretty Green Eyes" radio edit – 3:21
  2. "Pretty Green Eyes" (CJ Stone remix) – 7:52
  3. "Pretty Green Eyes" (extended mix) – 6:53
  4. "Pretty Green Eyes" (N-Trance remix) – 6:46
  5. "Pretty Green Eyes" (Friday Night Posse remix) – 6:45
  6. "Pretty Green Eyes" (Scott Brown remix) – 6:38
  7. "Pretty Green Eyes" (Rezonance Q remix) – 7:05
  8. "Pretty Green Eyes" (Kenny Hayes remix) – 6:14

12" Single 1

  1. "Pretty Green Eyes" (extended mix) – 6:53
  2. "Pretty Green Eyes" (CJ Stone remix) – 7:52
  3. "Pretty Green Eyes" (Flip & Fill remix) – 5:48

12" Single 2

  1. "Pretty Green Eyes" (CJ Stone remix) – 7:52
  2. "Pretty Green Eyes" (extended mix) – 6:53
  3. "Pretty Green Eyes" (N-Trance short mix)

Download EP

  1. "Pretty Green Eyes" (radio edit) – 3:21
  2. "Pretty Green Eyes" (CJ Stone edit) – 3:04
  3. "Pretty Green Eyes" (extended mix) – 6:53
  4. "Pretty Green Eyes" (CJ Stone remix) – 7:52
  5. "Pretty Green Eyes" (Kenny Hayes remix) – 8:13
  6. "Pretty Green Eyes" (Friday Night Posse remix) – 6:45
  7. "Pretty Green Eyes" (N-Trance remix) – 6:46
  8. "Pretty Green Eyes" (Flip & Fill remix) – 5:48
  9. "Pretty Green Eyes" (chill out mix) – 3:22
  10. "Pretty Green Eyes" (Kenny Hayes edit) – 6:14
  11. "Pretty Green Eyes" (DJ Lhasa remix) – 4:58
  12. "Pretty Green Eyes" (DJ Lhasa edit) – 3:22
  13. "Pretty Green Eyes" (Flip & Fill edit) – 4:54
  14. "Pretty Green Eyes" (Rezonance Q remix) – 7:05
  15. "Pretty Green Eyes" (original extended mix) – 7:39
  16. "Pretty Green Eyes" (Scott Brown remix) – 6:38


  • Mike Di Scala – vocals, producer
  • Ian Redman – producer
  • Chris Henry – producer
Other personnel
  • Ignition – design

Music video[edit]

The video was filmed in London and features three young women who are dancers in a strip club. They are putting on their make-up and outfits, then they dance in the strip club, then the video switches to a nightclub, and back between the two.

Ultrabeat also appear in the video. They are sitting down on chairs in the strip club and they are also DJ-ing at the nightclub. The video makes use of green lighting and green clothes, and switches between locations after zooming in on one of the girl's green eyes.

The original video for "Pretty Green Eyes" was actually a casino scene filmed at the Baby Blue Bar on the Albert Dock in Liverpool, but was not used as the actual music video. The scene depicts a gorgeous girl with green eyes gambling on the dice table. The dice dealer, Bill Pettrey, was the Deputy General Manager of Leo Casino, one of Liverpool's top night spots on Queen's Dock.

Chart performance[edit]

Chart (2003) Peak
Belgium (Ultratip Flanders)[1] 6
Ireland (|IRMA)[2] 7
Netherlands (Single Top 100)[3] 37
Scotland (Official Charts Company)[4] 1
UK Singles (Official Charts Company)[5] 2


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