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Pretty Mary Sunshine was a band formed in Seattle, Washington in March 1993.

Almost as quickly as they were formed, they were signed to A&M Records. Instead of unifying the five piece, being signed to a major record label hastened their disintegration. "PMS" was contracted to produce two albums for A&M Records but they only "officially" released one. What was intended to be their first album was recorded in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma by Record producer Keith Cleversley (one time producer of The Flaming Lips).

The only song from the ill-fated "Oklahoma sessions" that A&M Records released, was "Can I Stay?" (featured in the cult movie soundtrack of S.F.W.). In an attempt to market Pretty Mary Sunshine as an indie-rock band, A&M Records also released two previously recorded tracks from the band's demo tape recorded at the Electric Eel Studio, in Seattle.

"Bird Medicine" - the full-length disc the band did manage to release was recorded at A&M Studio "C" in the Winter of 1994-1995. The band was completely dissatisfied with the recording process in Hollywood, with tensions between Kurt & Patrice escalating as the producers steered the band into a sound neither liked. "Bird Medicine" was released with no marketing, support or promotion from A&M. The release date was held back for nearly a year due to attorney squabbles about credits in the liner notes. The band supported the release of this album solely to fulfill contractual obligations with a disastrous tour of the United States in 1995.

The band broke up in early 1996, after finally being dropped by their label after a debauched U.S. tour.

Kurt and Patrice went on to form Frownland with the original drummer, Pam Barger, Paul Hutzler (guitar, multi-instrumentalist and bass guitar player, Sean Wheatley, of Pretty Mary Sunshine. Joe Howard, aka Joe Skyward, went on to join the Posies and Sunny Day Real Estate. Jerry O'Neill went on to record some solo material and then seemingly dropped out of the music world entirely until passing away in 2015.


Core members[edit]

  • Patrice Tullai (vocals) also known for Frownland and (alicedean) ...[1]
  • Kurt Elzner (rhythm guitar) also known for Frownland, the Purdins, Mazzy Star and currently of Pet Knives

Oklahoma sessions other members[edit]

Bird Medicine other members[edit]

  • Andy Harderson (lead guitar) also known for Faceless Chaos
  • Sean Wheatley (bass guitar) also known for Frownland
  • Mark Wilcox (drums) also known for Faceless Chaos, The Verge, and The Cringe.


  • 1993 self-titled demo cassette[1] (unknown formation)
  1. Madman
  2. Blue
  3. Charcoal To Diamond
  4. When I Fall
  5. Seven
  • Oklahoma 1994 sessions

Only two songs were released ("Jessica" & "Can I Stay?") as a single under the label Spontaneous Underground, a pseudonym of A&M. "Can I Stay?" was also featured on the film and the soundtrack of the S.F.W. movie[2] while Jessica later appeared on the 1995 LP.

  • "Bird Medicine" 1995 LP (digitally rereleased in 2014)[3]
  1. Jessica
  2. Queen If The Big Head Universe
  3. Carousel
  4. Reptile Girl
  5. Selfish
  6. Recycle
  7. Valerie
  8. Country Joe Bass Song
  9. Puerto Rican Rita
  10. Seven
  11. Get It Together
  12. Charcoal To Diamond


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