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Pretty Sally or Pretty Sally Hill is a dormant volcanic cone located between Wallan and Kilmore in Victoria, Australia. It is 529 metres above sea level.[1] It arises from the surrounding open undulating plains of a broad gap in the Great Dividing Range.[2]

The original road to Sydney ran near the peak known as the Big Hill. Sally Smith (better known as "Pretty Sally") operated an unlicensed hotel there in the 1840s.[3] She died falling under her cart after striking a stump.[4]

The hill is skirted by a section of the Northern Highway, which was formerly part of the Hume Highway. By the 1930s Pretty Sally had gained a reputation as a notorious road accident black spot due a sharp turn near the crest of the hill.[5] In 1979 the now closed Pretty Sally Roadhouse was used as the setting of Fat Nancy's in the film Mad Max.[6]

A fire tower is manned during the bushfire season, generally from December to March.[7] There is also a trig station on the hill.[8]


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Coordinates: 37°22′51″S 144°57′58″E / 37.38083°S 144.96611°E / -37.38083; 144.96611