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Sir George Prevost, 1st Baronet

The Prevost Baronetcy, of Belmont near Southampton in Hampshire, is a title in the Baronetage of the United Kingdom. It was created on 6 December 1805 for the soldier and colonial administrator Lieutenant-General George Prevost. He was Governor General of British North America from 1812 to 1815. After his death in 1816 his widow Lady Prevost declined the offer of a peerage, as she did not consider herself and her family to have sufficient means to support the dignity. Prevost was the son of General Augustine Prevost, himself a distinguished soldier, who had emigrated to England from Geneva, Switzerland.

The family surname is pronounced "Prev-o".

Prevost baronets, of Belmont (1805)[edit]

  • Sir George Prevost, 1st Baronet (1767–1816)
  • Sir George Prevost, 2nd Baronet (1804–1893)
  • Sir Charles Prevost, 3rd Baronet (1831–1902)
  • Sir Charles Thomas Keble Prevost, 4th Baronet (1866–1939)
  • Sir George James Augustine Prevost, 5th Baronet (1910–1985)
  • Sir Christopher Gerald Prevost, 6th Baronet (born 1935)

The heir apparent to the baronetcy is Nicholas Marc Prevost (born 1971), eldest son of the 6th Baronet.