Prezë Castle

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Prezë Castle
Kalaja e Prezës
Prezë  Albania
2013-10-10 Prezë Castle, Albania 8978.jpg
Site information
OwnerBashkia e Vorës
Open to
the public
Site history
Built15th century
Built byJustinian I
In use6th century AD - Unknown
MaterialsStone & Concrete
Garrison information
Njesia Administrative Prezë
Planimetry of Prezë Castle

The Prezë Castle (Albanian: Kalaja e Prezës) is a medieval castle in Prezë, Albania.

Preza Castle overlooks the village with the same name and is located on a hilltop. It is a small castle the construction of which started in the 14th century and was completed in the early 15th century and belonged to the Thopias, a local feudal family. During 1443-1468 it was one of the core strongholds of the Albanian resistance against the Ottomans led by Skanderbeg.

The castle has been declared a 'monument of culture'. It has four towers, one in each corner. The clock tower was erected around 1800–50. It is known for its beautiful location, overlooking the Tirana plain. The castle is quite close to the Mother Theresa International Airport. A restaurant named Restorant Kalaja E Prezës and other service facilities are found inside the castle.

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Coordinates: 41°25′52″N 19°40′19″E / 41.431°N 19.672°E / 41.431; 19.672