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Prižba is located in Croatia
Location of Prižba in Croatia

Prižba is a small village on the island of Korčula in Croatia. Korcula is part of the Dalmatian coast and it belongs to the Dubrovnik-Neretva county. Prizba is part of the Municipality of Blato.[1]

This village is located on the southern coast of Korčula, and its shape follows the coastline. Prižba is 10 km away from the town Blato, 16 km from Vela Luka, 4 km from Brna and 8 km from Smokvica. Prizba is made up of several smaller bays and two peninsulas, Ratak and Priscapac. Priscapac is also a small tourist resort with a small pebble beach.


In the center of Prižba there's a small Sisters of Mercy convent. In Prizba, the Blessed Mary of Jesus Crucified Petković wrote the Constitution of her Order in 1920.


The village's economy is based on tourism[2] and associated activities, whereas originally it was almost exclusively fishing as this was a pure fishermen's village. At one end of Prizba is the tourist complex called Priscapac, which has a sports-diving centre.[citation needed]

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Coordinates: 42°54′N 16°48′E / 42.900°N 16.800°E / 42.900; 16.800