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In Marvel Comics, Priapus (named after the Greek god Priapus) was a super-villain leader of a cult based on sensual pleasures. He was searching for the Carnal Serpent, allegedly an artefact of extreme erotic power responsible for things such as Adam and Eve's betrayal of God's trust, to the obscenity that forced God to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah, as well as the ecstasy that put an end to the Dark Ages in Europe. He hired Terror, Luke Cage, and Silver Sable to aid him, having them seek out the three pieces of an artefact called Vatsayana's Tryst. He eventually found the serpent and slew it, becoming powerful. He enslaved the three mercenaries to his will, intent on starting a religion based on pleasures of the flesh, but Terror managed to free himself, Cage, and Sable. He fought the heroes, who then ripped the Tryst from where it was embedded in his chest, causing the Carnal Serpent to come alive again and devour him. The Serpent bore the heroes no ill will, and told them so before vanishing with the Tryst. (Terror Inc. #10)


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