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South Australia
General store and post office
Price is located in Yorke Peninsula Council
Coordinates34°17′16″S 137°59′35″E / 34.2879°S 137.992921°E / -34.2879; 137.992921Coordinates: 34°17′16″S 137°59′35″E / 34.2879°S 137.992921°E / -34.2879; 137.992921[1]
Population256 (2006 census)[2]
Established3 August 1882 (town)
27 May 1999 (locality)[3][4]
LGA(s)Yorke Peninsula Council
RegionYorke and Mid North[5]
State electorate(s)Narungga[6]
Federal division(s)Grey[7]
Mean max temp[8] Mean min temp[8] Annual rainfall[8]
22.6 °C
73 °F
10.8 °C
51 °F
330.1 mm
13 in
Localities around Price:
Clinton Centre Clinton Centre
Gulf St Vincent
Price Gulf St Vincent
Dowlingville Gulf St Vincent Gulf St Vincent
FootnotesAdjoining localities[1]

Price is a town and locality on Yorke Peninsula in South Australia.[1] It is within the Yorke Peninsula Council local government area and is 131 kilometres (81 mi) north west of the centre of state capital, Adelaide.

At the 2006 census, Price and the surrounding district had a population of 256.[2]

History and development[edit]

The township, which was proclaimed on 3 August 1882,[3] is near the northern boundary of the Hundred of Cunningham.[1]

It was named by Sir William Jervois, Governor of South Australia 1877–83, after his daughter in law, Florence Annie Price, who married John Jervois, his eldest son. She was a daughter of Henry Strong Price, a pioneer pastoralist of the Flinders Ranges.[9]

Boundaries for the locality were created on 27 May 1999 for the "long established name."[4]

The principal local industries are grain farming and salt production. In the case of the latter, approximately 170,000 tonnes of sea salt is harvested from 1,000 ha (2,500 acres) of coastal salt evaporation ponds each year.[10] Cheetham Salt owns the operations.[11]

Tourism facilities are limited to the Wheatsheaf Hotel, established 1886, and a caravan park.

Wills Creek[edit]

Wills Creek at high tide

Although not right on the coast, Price has a causeway running to a mangrove-fringed tidal creek, Wills Creek, which connects it with the sea (Gulf St Vincent). At the end of the causeway there is a public boat ramp. Once outside the creek, fishing is plentiful.[citation needed]

Wills Creek is a very sheltered anchorage for boats and, in earlier times, it was from here that bagged salt and grain was loaded onto ketches for export. These products are now transported in bulk form by road. A 1911 newspaper reported that most of the ketches visiting Price via Wills Creek had, on at least one visit, suffered the inconvenience of being stuck in the mud of the creek at low tide.[12]

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