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Rakuten Priceminister 2017 logo.png
Type of business Subsidiary
Founded August, 2000
Headquarters Paris, France
Key people Olivier Mathiot (CEO)
Justin Ziegler
Industry Electronic commerce
Products Books, music, video, games, computing, high tech,Fashion, Home, food.
Employees 250
Parent Rakuten
Launched 2000

PriceMinister is a French company that operates an online buying and selling platform for individuals and professionals,, which is the second most visited e-commerce website in France. The website's model stands as a trusted third party, assuring the safety of the transaction for both parties. The company guarantees a total refund to the buyer if the product is not delivered, or found to be damaged on delivery as well as ensuring payment to the seller.

Founded in August 2000, PriceMinister counts 250 employees. The company was originally located in Paris, at 57 Boulevard de la Villette, in a former zeppelin factory dating from the 1880s. In June 2010, the company was bought out by Rakuten,[1] the number one Japanese e-commerce site and fast expanding internet group. The company moved in January 2012 to the former department store "Au Reaumur” in the heart of Paris. In May 2014, four years after the acquisition by Rakuten, Pierre Kosciusko-Morizet and Pierre Krings announced that they will no longer be involved in the operational part of the group as CEO + COO Rakuten Europe and general director of PriceMinister. Olivier Mathiot, co-founder and former director of marketing and communications, has been promoted to CEO of PriceMinister.

PriceMinister is notorious for its spamming behavior. This aggressive marketing strategy targets its customers who experience tremendous difficulty opting out from various mailing lists.[2][3][4][5][6]

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