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Priceite 3154.jpg
(repeating unit)
Ca2B5O7(OH)5 · H2O[1]
IMA symbolPce[2]
Crystal systemMonoclinic
ColorWhite; colourless in transmitted light
Mohs scale hardness3

Priceite is a white borate mineral. The mineral has been found in places such as Chetco, Oregon, Death Valley, and northwestern Turkey.[3] In 1862 small amounts of this mineral were mined from Chetco, Oregon.[4]

Priceite is rare and has only been found in a few ores.[5] It is related colemanite.[6]

Name and etymology[edit]

The mineral is named after Thomas Price who is the first to study the mineral.[1] The mineral’s former name was Pandermite after the Panderma area in Turkey.[7]


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