McNamee-Priceville Footbridge

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Footbridge over Main Southwest Miramichi River at Priceville (IR Walker 1998)

McNamee/Priceville Footbridge is the longest (200 m) suspension footbridge in New Brunswick, Canada. It spans the Southwest Miramichi River at McNamee, approximately 12 km west of Doaktown, New Brunswick.[1]


The footbridge, constructed in 1938, had a single span, but was destroyed during the spring freshet of 1939, with three lives lost. A second bridge was built in 1939. This bridge was replaced by a third footbridge in 1988. The two latter bridges, unlike the original, used two spans to cross the river.[1] The bridge is shared by both Priceville and McNamee, and therefore known as the Priceville footbridge to residents of Priceville, and McNamee footbridge to residents of McNamee. Although both communities use it, it is officially known as the McNamee Footbridge, although the signs posted on the bridge display "Priceville",there is still much confusion among many of the residents of the community(more particularly Priceville) as to what the original name was. In a poll conducted in 1999, 93% of the community polled (Boiestown and Doaktown) reported that the bridges' signs should be replaced with signs displaying the real name of the bridge,The McNamee Footbridge.[2] Regardless of name, it is a very important piece of history in the community. The bridge is provincially owned, and maintained by the New Brunswick Department of Transportation.

The footbridge is an important part of both communities' heritage.


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