1997 in Pride FC

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1997 in Pride FC
First dateOctober 11, 1997
Last dateOctober 11, 1997
Total events1
Total fights7
1997 in Pride FC 1998 in Pride

The year 1997 is the 1st year in the history of the Pride Fighting Championships, a mixed martial arts promotion based in Japan. 1997 had only 1 event, Pride 1.

Debut Pride FC fighters[edit]

Given that this is Pride FC's debut year, all fighters are also participating in their debut Pride FC fight.

Events list[edit]

# Event Japanese name Date held Venue City Attendance
1 Pride 1 N/A October 11, 1997 Tokyo Dome Tokyo, Japan 47,000

Pride 1[edit]

Pride 1
PromotionPride Fighting Championships
DateOctober 11, 1997
VenueTokyo Dome
CityTokyo, Japan
Event chronology
Pride 1 Pride 2

Pride 1[1] was an inaugural event held on October 11, 1997, at The Tokyo Dome in Tokyo, Japan.

In addition to the MMA bouts, there was one kickboxing bout between K-1 Grand Prix Champion Branko Cikatić and Ralph White. The English language commentary for this event was provided by Stephen Quadros and Bas Rutten.


Main card
Weight class Method Round Time Notes
Brazil Rickson Gracie def. Japan Nobuhiko Takada Submission (armbar) 1 4:47
United States Kimo Leopoldo vs. United States Dan Severn Draw (time expired) 1 30:00
Croatia Branko Cikatic vs. United States Ralph White No Contest 1 1:52 [a]
Japan Koji Kitao def. Australia Nathan Jones Submission (keylock) 1 2:14
Brazil Renzo Gracie vs. Japan Akira Shoji Draw (time expired) 3 10:00
Trinidad and Tobago Gary Goodridge def. Russia Oleg Taktarov KO (punch) 1 4:57
Japan Kazunari Murakami def. United States John Dixson Submission (armbar) 1 1:34
  1. ^ Kickboxing bout. Cikatic kicked White while on the ground.

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