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Pride Magazine May 2011 cover.jpg
May 2011 issue featuring Janelle Monáe
Categories Lifestyle magazine
Frequency Monthly
Publisher Pride Media
Year founded 1991
Country UK
Based in London, England
Language English

Pride Magazine is the largest and most successful magazine targeting black British, mixed race, African and African-Caribbean women in the United Kingdom.[1] The lifestyle magazine has been in publication since 1991.[2][3]

While many magazines have come and gone over this period, Pride has been the only stable strong title in this category and has over its 18 years become the dominant title in this market and been one of the few niche titles that attracts mainstream advertisers of the likes of Ford and Vodafone. The magazine has a circulation more than 30,000 copies each month and is seen by many advertisers as the most effective method to reach Black British in the UK. Pride magazine is also the only black media company of any size that still remains in black British ownership and in 2012 celebrated its 21st year as the market leader. The Guardian newspaper stated back in 2007 that "Pride magazine has dominated its market for over 15 years."[4]

The magazine changed its format in 2011 as it turned 20 to the popular Glamour-sized format and is still seen as an inspiring and aspiring magazine for the Black British community.


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