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Pride Northwest, Inc. is a 501c3, community-based regional LGBT Pride organization, based in Portland, Oregon, whose mission is "to encourage and celebrate the positive diversity of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trans communities, and to assist in the education of all people through the development of activities that showcase the history, accomplishments, and talents of these communities."[1]

Officially incorporated as a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation, its board, staff and volunteers organize the official Portland LGBTQ Pride Waterfront Festival & Parade each year.[2] and other programs and events such as National Coming Out Day, an annual LGBTQ Youth Holiday celebration, and programs which support incarcerated LGBTQ youth in Oregon.

Portland LGBT Pride Festival & Parade[edit]

Portland's Waterfront Pride Festival and Parade is produced every June to commemorate the Stonewall Riots in New York City. Portland's Pride Weekend is normally scheduled the third weekend following Memorial Day, or the weekend after the conclusion of the Portland Rose Festival. The Portland Pride Festival is held at Tom McCall Waterfront Park, and provides visibility for almost 200 LGBTQ and allied community organizations, businesses and other exhibitors, as well as musical, comedy and other performances throughout the weekend.

Pride Northwest's Portland Pride Parade is held on Sunday morning during Pride weekend and features a yearly theme. Over 150 organizations and businesses follow the parade route, beginning at the [Portland North Park Blocks] at Burnside St. and ending at the Waterfront. Tens of thousands of spectators line the parade route during its almost three-hour span. Pride Northwest also sponsors the Portland Dyke March, the Trans Pride March, during Pride weekend. Pride Northwest also sponsors festival and parade participation by Apano (API Pride), Black Pride, Latinx Pride, Trans Unity, and the Portland Two-Spirit Society.

What to expect going into the portland pride parade/ information.[edit]

Portland pride parade welcomes everyone to celebrate and honor all accomplishments of the lgbtq, movements and raise awareness as well as provide a safe space for all lgbt community to celebrate themself and to express them self openly and freely. Arriving to the portland pride festival in the north park blocks that extends 1.1 miles through old town than ending at sw pine street leading to the portland waterfront festival. Here is everything you need to know to prepare and expect when arriving and participating in the portland pride festival where everyone and anyone is welcome to celebrate, inspire educate and most importantly support. Dates and hours of event, main parade takes place on june 15-16 but are many events and parties throughout the whole month and weeks before the main parade starts. You have to register beforehand as this is a huge festival for many, putting restrictions on the amount of people attending, if not registered before hand you'll be put on a waitlist where if there is any entire you'll be notified. Admission cost is only $7 and the money you pay for admission is being donated to help cover the cost of the very important celebration of equal gathering together and you may donate as much as you want for the festival. The festival is held at tom mccall waterfront park in downtown portland. The spot of the location was very thought out because they wanted it to be accessible for everyone so the park is accessible for everyone including people in wheelchair. As well as every event there will be a lot of food spots but they do not provide anything but water and it goes by fast. Bringing extra money for food and drinks will be a must always stay dehydrated. Former portland parade participant Jasmin Barnes “ Being able to go to the portland pride festival has been a great learning experience and inspiring truly, it has taught be so much about the lgbtq community as well as many groups i didn’t know existed so it's always a learning experiment, not to mention you feel so welcomed and like you belong as a bi straight passing individual i didn't feel nothing but unity and love being just another person there you will meet so many new cool people i definitely recommend everyone to go”. Portland pride festival is one of the biggest lgbtq community celebration in Oregon.

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