Pride and Fall

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Pride and Fall
Pride and Fall at Castle Party 2007 in Bolków
Pride and Fall at Castle Party 2007 in Bolków
Background information
OriginStavanger, Norway
GenresFuturepop, dark wave
InstrumentsSynthesizer, drum machine, guitar
Years active2000–present
MembersSigve Monsen, Per Waagen, Svein Joar Auglænd Johnsen

Pride and Fall is a Norwegian futurepop act from Stavanger, Norway, formed in 2000 by Sigve Monsen, Per Waagen and Svein Joar A. Johnsen.


The band came about when Sigve and Svein wanted to pursue a more electronic and club-oriented sound than what they were doing in their goth/dark wave project, An Evening With Kisses. As a result, they started up Pride and Fall together with Per Waagen in 2000-2001. Waagen had worked with Monsen in the 1990s in a doom-metal band from Stavanger called Vidvandre. Vidvandre also featured Frank Claussen who later joined the successful Theatre of Tragedy.

Pride and Fall released a demo shortly after, and released their debut album, Nephesh in 2003, and debut single "Paragon" on dependent in Europe, Metropolis Records in the United States, and Memento Materia in Scandinavia. Pride And Fall performed their first shows outside of Norway in 2004, including Cyberia/X-Club in the Netherlands, the Invitation Festival in Belgium and the Dark City Festival in Scotland.

In late 2005, the band released their second single, the web-only release "Border", and in 2006, their second album Elements of Silence. The Dependent version of the CD contained a live version of the song "December" as a pregap hidden track.[1] The band toured Britain in May 2006 supporting Covenant on their short UK SkyShaper tour. They performed at the now relocated Edwards no.8 in Birmingham, The Liquid Room in Edinburgh, Corporation in Sheffield and Islington Academy in London.

The band released their third album, In My Time of Dying, on August 17, 2007, which was at the time their final album on dependent as the label planned to close their business due to illegal downloading of the music they promote. As of September 15, 2007, their album "In My Time Of Dying" ranked #1 in the German Alternative Charts, and the limited edition DigiPak sold out.[2] In 2011, Pride and Fall decided to produce a new album for release early 2013. The album was released on Dependent Records, as the label reopened in 2009 and begin to release physical CDs again in partnership with Metropolis Records. This release named Of Lust and Desire is the Norwegians fourth studio album, following up with an EP named "Turn The Lights On" in 2014. The "Turn The Lights On" EP included some remixes of the song "Turn The Lights On", from bands like "Ginger Snap5" and others plus Pride and Falls own club-edit. The EP also included a previously unreleased song named "As I Carve".

Pride and Fall have performed at festivals and events like Castle Party in Bolkow 2007 in Poland, Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig 2007,[3] Kinetik Fest Montreal in 2009 and Infest Festival in Bradford, 2013.

In 2016, Pride and Fall released their fifth album, named Red For the Dead, Black For the Mourning.

Live at Wave Gotik Treffen 2016[edit]

Pride and Fall will perform live for the first time in Germany for a long time at the 25th Wave-Gotik-Treffen, 13–16 May 2016 in Leipzig/Germany.





  • Pride and Fall EP (2001)


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