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Pride of Britain Awards
LocationRoyal Hospital Chelsea (2020)
Grosvenor House (2011–)
The London Studios (2000–10)
Dorchester Hotel (1999)
CountryUnited Kingdom
Hosted byCarol Vorderman
First awarded1999
Television/radio coverage
NetworkITV (2000–present)
Runtime120 minutes (inc. adverts)
Produced by
  • Tim Miller
  • Maia Liddell
  • Jeremy Phillips
  • Meriel Beale
  • Yvonne Alexander
Directed byPaul Kirrage

The Pride of Britain Awards is an annual award ceremony which takes place in the United Kingdom, first televised on ITV in 2000.

The awards honour British people who have acted bravely or extraordinarily in challenging situations and is presented by Carol Vorderman. The Pride of Britain Award winners are chosen by a panel of celebrities and well-known figures from a range of backgrounds, and has included multiple appearances by Simon Cowell, Richard Branson, Fiona Phillips, Christine Bleakley, Magdi Yacoub, Richard Wallace, Eamonn Holmes and Aled Jones, chaired from 1999 to 2004 by Piers Morgan and from 2005 to 2006 by Peter Willis, founder of the awards.[1]

The first Pride of Britain Awards were held at the Dorchester Hotel in London in May 1999, then relocated to The London Studios in 2000, and then later relocated to the Grosvenor House Hotel from the 2011 award ceremony.

The awards are organised in association with the Daily Mirror, Lidl, ITV, Good Morning Britain and The Prince's Trust.[2]

In November 2020, it was announced that STV, Reach plc (owners of Daily Record) and TSB had agreed a deal which sees the Scottish broadcaster commission STV Studios to produce the inaugural Daily Record Pride of Scotland Awards, in partnership with TSB. The 90-minute landmark TV event is already in production and is set to air on STV later in 2020. The deal represents the broadcaster's biggest ever advertiser-funded single programme.[3]


Episode Air Date Viewers
Presenter Location
1 No broadcast Carol Vorderman Dorchester Hotel
2 12 April 2000 9.44 The London Studios
3 11 April 2001 8.26
4 6 March 2002 6.06
5 4 March 2003 5.63
6 16 March 2004 5.52
7 11 October 2005 5.84
8 7 November 2006 5.79
9 10 October 2007 6.97
10 1 October 2008 5.87
11 7 October 2009 6.35
12 10 November 2010 6.64
13 5 October 2011 5.82 Grosvenor House Hotel
14 30 October 2012 4.59
15 8 October 2013 4.69
16 7 October 2014 4.52
17 1 October 2015 3.92
18 1 November 2016 4.54
19 7 November 2017 4.34
20 6 November 2018 N/A
21 5 November 2019 N/A
22 1 November 2020 Royal Hospital Chelsea


The first Pride of Britain Awards took place on 20 May 1999, however was not televised. It was held at the Dorchester Hotel in London, which was the one and only time the awards were held there.[4]

Award Winner Awarded By
International Award His Late Majesty King Hussein of Jordan and Her Majesty Queen Noor
Special Award Doreen Lawrence
Neville Lawrence
Lennox Lewis
Helen Rollason
Most Inspiring Young Sportsperson Michael Owen
Linda McCartney Award for Animal Welfare Juliet Gellatley
Outstanding Contribution Mo Mowlam
Entrepreneur of The Year Richard Emanuel
Inventor of The Year The Viagra Scientists
Pioneers of The Year Richard Noble
Sqn. Ldr Andy Green
Outstanding Bravery Award Donna Marie McGillion
Daniel Gallimore
Helen Smith
Michael McNally
Child of Courage Rhys Daniels
Charly Daniels
Sarah Dinsdale
Lucy-Rae Tamulevicus
Fundraiser of the Year Sandra Howard
Lifesaver of the Year Kevin Dingle,
Mike Edkins,
Paul Pollington
Teacher of the Year Helen Ridding


The 2nd Pride of Britain Awards were televised on ITV on 12 April 2000. It was the first time the awards were televised and held at The London Studios.

Award Winner Awarded By
Lifetime Achievement Chad Varah
Special Award Tim Berners-Lee
The Heroes of Paddington
Mike and Fiona Thornewill, Catherine Hartley, Caroline Hamilton, Ann Daniels, Rosie Stancer, Zoe Hudson, Pom Oliver
Alison Moore
Ian Botham
Outstanding Act of Bravery Mark Taylor
Tom Tracey
Ron Dowson
Beyond the Call of Duty Dr Heather Clark
Dr Alastair Mulcahy
Child of Courage Charlotte Carter
Neighbour of The Year Kathy Cassidy
Teacher of the Year Gehane Gordelier
Woman of Courage Alison Taylor
Linda McCartney Award for Animal Welfare Irving Graham
International Services to Britain Gareth Evans
Balaram Rai
Careworker of The Year Jean Forrest
Charity Fundraiser of The Year Michelle Lewis
Outstanding Achievement Award Dr Michael Foale


The 3rd Pride of Britain Awards were televised on ITV on 11 April 2001.

Award Winner Awarded By
Lifetime Achievement Peter Benenson
Special Award Ellen MacArthur
Tanni Grey-Thompson
Sara Payne
Michael Payne
Pat Campbell
Dr Rosemary Radley-Smith Cilla Black
Innovation of The Year David Marks
Julia Barfield
Sportsperson of The Year Steve Redgrave
Linda McCartney Award for Animal Welfare Carla Lane
Outstanding Act of Bravery Brian Krishnan
Michael O'Leary
Beyond Call of Duty PC Daran Gagin
PC Ian Thomson
Child of Courage Jamie Baxter
Rachel Edwards
Connor Carr
Princes Trust Young Achiever Award Matthew Graffham
Teacher of the Year Sab Sahota-Lyons
Neighbour of The Year Norah Peyton Norah Peyton
Fundraiser of The Year Jill Farwell
Conservation Award Dot Beeson


The 4th Pride of Britain Awards were televised on ITV on 6 March 2002.

Award Winner Awarded By
Lifetime Achievement John Sulston Gordon Brown
Special Award The Heroes of 11 Sep
Kirsty Howard
Margaret Jellet
Outstanding Act of Bravery Debby Dumigan
Richard Emmott
Anthony Peltier
Child of Courage Katie-Louise Beynon
Joseph Anderson
Sean McNally
Sophie Render
Sophie Knight
Sportsperson of The Year David Beckham
Beyond Call of Duty PC Simon Dell
Neighbour of The Year Steve Wardle
Linda McCartney Award for Animal Welfare Mark Glover
Princes Trust Young Achiever Award Emma Honey
Teacher of the Year Sandra Walton
Fundraiser of the Year Barbra White
Carer of The Year Jill McGowan


The 5th Pride of Britain Awards were televised on ITV on 4 March 2003.

Award Winner Awarded By
Neighbour of the Year June Smith
Teacher of the Year Janet Bourne
Fundraiser of the Year Lloyd Scott
Prince's Trust Young Achiever Sarah Bennett
Carer of the Year Alex Bell
Outstanding Bravery Rosanne Ainslie, Janey McMahon & Cameron Sharp, Daniel Allen
Child of Courage Holly Lishman, Hollie Ashe, Ben Housson
Beyond the Call of Duty Dan Tanner
Special Award Caroline Hobbs, Bob French, Russel Ward
Lifetime Achievement Nicholas Winton


The 6th Pride of Britain Awards were televised on ITV on 16 March 2004.

Award Winner Awarded By
Neighbour of the Year Audrey Flash
Teacher of the Year Nesta Murray
Fundraiser of the Year Colin Osborne
Prince's Trust Young Achiever Kevin Johnston
Carer of the Year Birdie McDonald
Outstanding Bravery Rick Buckley, Lynsey Walters
Child of Courage Scott Muir, Danny Taylor, Cornel Hrisca-Munn, Terri Calvesbert, Michaela "Dolly" McCarthy
Inspirational Sportsmen England Rugby Squad
Beyond the Call of Duty 'A' Flight, 202 Squadron, RAF Boulmer
Special Award Lydia Nash, Trooper Chris Finney, Rylstone WI, Leisha Hodgkinson
Lifetime Achievement Alec Jeffreys


The 7th Pride of Britain Awards were televised on ITV on 11 October 2005.

Award Winner Awarded By
Outstanding Bravery Tony Baker, Julia O'Connor
Child of Courage Hope Farrelly, Cameron Weir, Shae Thomas, Ashleigh Huxley
Neighbour of the Year Lesley Pulman
Prince's Trust Young Achiever Mark Johnson
Carer of the Year Asmeret Tesfazghi
Teacher of the Year Liz Owens
Outstanding Achievement The 2012 Olympics Bid Team
Beyond the call of duty Emergency services, Transport & NHS staff - July 7 London bombings
Special Award The McCartney Sisters, Jane Tomlinson, Liz Carnell
Inspirational Sportsmen The England Cricket Team
Outstanding Contribution Richard Curtis
Lifetime Achievement Richard Carr-Gomm


The 8th Pride of Britain Awards were televised on ITV on 7 November 2006.

Award Winner Awarded By
Outstanding Bravery Anthony Crompton, Daniel & Jason Rodd, Alan Forrester, Irene King
Child of Courage Katy Miles, Ollie Cartwright
Fundraiser of the Year Kirsteen Lupton
Neighbour of the Year Silla Carron
Prince's Trust Young Achiever Samantha Block
Emergency Services PC Mark Plant
Carer of the Year Stacey Heywood
Teacher of the Year Linda Davies
Lifetime Achievement Joe Mitty
Special Recognition Abigail Witchalls, Commando Squadron Royal Engineers, Piers Sellers, Beverley de-Gale & Orin Lewis
Inspiring Personality David Walliams


The 9th Pride of Britain Awards were televised on ITV on 10 October 2007.

Award Winner Awarded By
Outstanding Bravery Robert Dunn, Glasgow Airport Workers
Child of Courage Lydia Cross, Megan Blunt
Fundraiser of the Year Chloe Gambrill
Prince's Trust Young Achiever Vicki Peters
Emergency Services Tam Brown
Neighbour of the Year Anne Glover
Teacher of the Year Pam Redican
Lifetime Achievement Magdi Yacoub
Special Recognition Henry Allingham, Sgt Michelle Cunningham and the EOD Unit, JK Rowling, Carol Miller, Peter Lachanudis & Susan Porter
Inspiring Personality Lewis Hamilton


The 10th Pride of Britain Awards were televised on ITV on 1 October 2008.

Award Winner Awarded By
Outstanding Bravery Bernie Butler, Carl Duval
Child of Courage Nathan Thomson, Jaden Ashton, Tilly Griffiths, Liam Fairhurst
Fundraiser of the Year Nina Barough
Prince's Trust Young Achiever Ricky McCalla
Emergency Services RNLI Crew Torbay, Devon
Local Champion Tony Fowler
Teacher of the Year Pepe Rahman Hart
Lifetime Achievement Professor Robert Edwards
Special Recognition Medical Emergency Response Team, Juby Mathew, Carol Saldinack, Lance Corporal Matthew Croucher, Harry Gregg, Richard Taylor
Inspiring Personality Olympic Team GB
NHS Heroes Surgical Team, Royal Marsden Hospital


The 11th Pride of Britain Awards were televised on ITV on 7 October 2009.

Award Winner Awarded By
Outstanding Bravery Sally-Ann Sutton, Michael Seery, Martin Langlands
Child of Courage Toni and Kelsey, Levana Hanson, Jake Peach
Fundraiser of the Year Major Phil Packer
Prince's Trust Young Achiever Chris Saunders
Emergency Services Rachel Farmer
Local Champion Eunice McGhie
Teacher of the Year Jonathan Heeley
Lifetime Achievement Peter Mansfield
Special Recognition Jasvinder Sanghera, UK Field Hospital Afghanistan, Doris Long, Noel Connolly, Kristin Hallenga


The 12th Pride of Britain Awards were televised on ITV on 10 November 2010.

Award Winner Awarded By
Fundraiser of the Year Judy Ledger
Young Fundraiser of the Year Cameron Small Cheryl Cole, Sarah Harding, Nicola Roberts and Kimberley Walsh
Neighbour of the Year Mark Kelly
Prince's Trust Young Achiever Nathan James
Emergency Services PC David Rathband
Teacher of the Year Tachel Dixon
Child of Courage Aimee Dempsey, Kelsey Trevett
Teenager of Courage Ryan McLaughlin
Special Recognition British International Search and Rescue Team
Outstanding Bravery PC Colin Swan
James Pout
Lifetime Achievement Battle of Britain Air Crew
British International Search and Rescue Team Simon Cording


The 13th Pride of Britain Awards were televised on ITV on 5 October 2011.

Award Winner Awarded By
Young Fundraiser of the Year George Major Gary Barlow, Dermot O'Leary and Tulisa Contostavlos
Teenager of Courage Danielle Bailey The Saturdays and Peter Andre
McAyla Johnston JLS
Special Recognition Sergeant Dipprasad Pun
Daybreak Emergency Services WPC Kelli Walker
WPC Katie Harvey
Prince's Trust Young Achiever Gina Moffatt
Fundraiser of the Year Tom Lackey Elle Macpherson
Outstanding Bravery Ann Timson
Lucy Gale Michael McIntyre
Lifetime Achievement Bob Woodward Sue Johnston and Barry McGuigan
Child of Courage Tom Phillips Ant & Dec


The 14th Pride of Britain Awards were televised on ITV on 30 October 2012.

Award Winner Awarded by
Child of Courage Ramona Gibbs Cast of The X Factor
Tulisa Contostavlos
Fundraiser of the Year Flo & Jim Essex Dawn French
Special Recognition Jane & Michael Gates David Cameron
Katie Piper June Brown
Ian McKellen
Natalia Aggiano Jon Bon Jovi
Team GB and Paralympics GB Prince Charles
Young Fundraiser of the Year Jack Henderson Rolf Harris
Teenager of Courage Alice Pyne Robbie Williams
Jack Carroll Emma Bunton
Melanie Chisholm
Alan Carr
Daybreak's Emergency Services Hartlepool RNLI and Coastguard Cast of Downton Abbey
Aled Jones
Kate Garraway
Outstanding Bravery Royston Smith & Alistair Neill Ben Fogle
Corporal Carl Taylor Myleene Klass
John Bishop
Prince's Trust Young Achiever Jay Kamiraz Pierce Brosnan
Prince Charles
ITV Local Heroes Ann and Terry Panks Paddy McGuinness
Holly Willoughby
Lifetime achievement Doreen Lawrence Natasha Kaplinsky
Mark Austin
Teacher of the Year Alan Watkinson Roy Hodgson
Mo Farah


The 15th Pride of Britain Awards were televised on ITV on 8 October 2013.

Award Winner Awarded by
Child of Courage Harley Lane Nicole Scherzinger, Louis Walsh, Matt Richardson and Union J
Bailie Kershaw The Saturdays
Fundraiser of the Year Jean Bishop The stars of Strictly Come Dancing
Special Recognition Matthew Wilson
The Hillsborough families John Barnes and John Bishop
Dan Black
FA Football Champion June Kelly Michael Owen
Young Fundraiser of the Year Martha Payne Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry
Teenager of Courage Malala Yousafzai David Beckham
Daybreak''s Emergency Services Paul Eastment, Chris Missen and Martin Blaker-Rowe Michelle Collins and Helen Worth
Outstanding Bravery Karin Williams James Corden
Prince's Trust Young Achiever Clifford Harding
ITV Local Hero Anne Scarfe Christine Bleakley and Phillip Schofield
Lifetime Achievement Ray Powles & Trevor Powles David Cameron
Teacher of the Year Sharon Gray Jimmy Carr and Jack Carroll


The 16th Pride of Britain Awards were televised on ITV on 7 October 2014.[5]

Award Winner Awarded by
Outstanding Bravery Andrew Bilton, Brian Keane & Joanne Keane Jeremy Piven, Kara Tointon and Katherine Kelly
Agnes Malcolmson & Danny Turner Donny Osmond and Myleene Klass
Child of Courage Jack Mackay Peter Capaldi
Renee-Mai Bolter Simon Cowell, Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, Louis Walsh, Sarah-Jane Crawford and Dermot O'Leary
Teenager of Courage Cissy Adamou Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon and McBusted
ITV Fundraiser of the Year Tony Phoenix-Morrison Christine Bleakley, Phillip Schofield, Paul Hollywood, Jamie Oliver and Mary Berry
Young Fundraiser of the Year Ted McCaffery Olly Murs
Special Award for Outstanding Achievement Tim Berners-Lee David Cameron and Samantha Cameron
Good Morning Britain local hero Betty McGlinchey Ben Shephard, Susanna Reid and Bruce Forsyth
Emergency Services Sara Widdrington Ronnie Corbett and Alan Carr
Teacher of the Year Ray Coe John Bishop and Jimmy Carr
Prince's Trust Young Achiever Georgia Hardie Martin Clunes
Lifetime Achievement Roy Calne Paul O'Grady and Katie Piper
Special Recognition Stephen Sutton[6][7] Jason Manford and Roger Daltrey
Neil Laybourn Russell Brand
Steve Dayman Ed Miliband and Justine Thornton
Invictus Games Armed Forces Team Nicola Adams, David Weir and Bradley Wiggins
  • BOLD indicates the celebrities introduced the award


The 17th Pride of Britain Awards were televised on ITV on 1 October 2015.[8]

Award Winner Awarded by
Outstanding Bravery Peter Fuller Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby
Dee Patel Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon and David Hasselhoff
Child of Courage Bailey Matthews[9] Tom Daley, Rebecca Adlington, Greg Rutherford and Victoria Pendleton
Joshua Williamson Little Mix and Roy Hodgson
Teenager of Courage Sohana Collins Rupert Grint and David Beckham
ITV Regional Fundraiser Paula Maguire Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes
Young Fundraiser of the Year Amelia Gebruers[10] Simon Cowell, Rochelle Humes, Melvin Odoom, Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, Caroline Flack and Nick Grimshaw
Good Morning Britain local hero Alice Burke Susanna Reid, Ben Shephard, Boris Johnson and Barbara Windsor
Emergency Services Major David Cooper, Tom Waters and Dr Ben Clark Richard Hammond and Jimmy Carr
Teacher of the Year Elaine Wyllie Gordon Ramsay and Ryan Thomas
Prince's Trust Achiever Duane Jackson Sharon Osbourne and Ozzy Osbourne
Special Recognition Joanne and Dan Thompson Katherine Kelly and Jeremy Piven
British Ebola Aid Effort Lenny Henry and Suranne Jones
Fred and Vivienne Morgan Geri Halliwell and Bruce Forsyth
Jess Evans and Mike Houlston Peter Andre and Anita Rani
Walking with the Wounded
  • BOLD indicates the celebrities introduced the award


The 18th Pride of Britain Awards were held on 31 October 2016 and were televised on ITV on 1 November 2016. Carol Vorderman returned to present the ceremony.

Award Winner Awarded by
Outstanding Bravery William Edwards
Child of Courage Dylan Graves Phil Neville, Jamie Redknapp, Olly Murs and Louis Tomlinson
Tilly Sawford
Nikki Christou Mary Berry, Jamie Oliver and Candice Brown
TSB Community Partner Billy Muir Johnny Vegas and Alesha Dixon
ITV's Fundraiser of the Year Ben Smith Fay Ripley and John Thomson
Good Morning Britain Young Fundraiser Rhea Kara Ben Shephard, Susanna Reid, Ant & Dec, Geri Halliwell and Emma Bunton
This Morning Emergency Services Dr Simon Walsh, Dr Samy Sadek and paramedics Bill Leaning, Sam Margetts and Dean Bateman Phillip Schofield
Prince's Trust Young Achiever Francesca Brown Prince Charles
Lifetime Achievement Professor Stephen Hawking Theresa May
Special Recognition David Nott Mark Austin
Karen Johnson Gary Barlow, Howard Donald and Mark Owen
Team GB and Paralympics GB
Simon and Ted McDermott Cliff Richard and Joan Collins
The Groves family Ross Kemp and Barbara Windsor


The 19th Pride of Britain Awards were televised on ITV on 7 November 2017, with Carol Vorderman as host. Ashley Banjo served as a roving reporter.

Award Winner Awarded by
Outstanding Bravery PC Keith Palmer, PC Wayne Marques, PC Charlie Guenigault Theresa May, Jeremy Corbyn & Vince Cable
Child of Courage Suzie McCash Liam Payne & Jamie Oliver
Teenager of Courage Moin Younis Gareth Southgate, Jermain Defoe & Jamie Vardy
TSB Community Partner Fraser Johnston Paddy McGuinness, Jimmy Carr & Jason Manford
ITV's Fundraiser of the Year Jake Coates Amanda Holden & Joan Collins
Good Morning Britain Young Fundraiser George Mathias Ben Shephard, Susanna Reid, Dermot O'Leary, Sharon Osbourne, Louis Walsh & Nicole Scherzinger
This Morning Emergency Services Grenfell firefighters Phillip Schofield, Holly Willoughby, Prince William
Prince's Trust Young Achiever Katie Walker Rod Stewart & Penny Lancaster
Lifetime Achievement Dr Paul Stephenson Lenny Henry
Special Recognition Prof Lorna Dawson Katherine Kelly, Stephen Tompkinson & Neil Dudgeon
Grenfell community Prince William
Manchester medics Prince William & Ed Sheeran
Sarah Hope Sharon Osbourne & Ozzy Osbourne
Dilys Price Stars of Strictly Come Dancing 2017


The 20th awards were televised on ITV on 6 November 2018, again with Carol Vorderman and Ashley Banjo.[11] The winners were:[11]

Award Winner Awarded by
Outstanding Bravery British Cave Rescue Team: John Volanthen, Rick Stanton, Jason Mallinson, Chris Jewell, Josh Bratchley & Connor Roe
For the Tham Luang cave rescue
Tim Peake & Brian Cox
Child of Courage Max Johnson Theresa May (filmed segment), Jeremy Corbyn, Olly Murs and Ellie Goulding
Ella Chadwick X-Factor judges
Teenager of Courage Joe Rowlands
TSB Community Partner Icolyn Smith Strictly Come Dancing judges
ITV's Fundraiser of the Year Margaret Wadsworth (British Legion) Cliff Richard & Rochelle Humes
Good Morning Britain Young Fundraiser Edward Mills John Bishop et al.
This Morning Emergency Services West Midlands Fire Service
Prince's Trust Young Achiever Omar Sharif Anthony Joshua
Lifetime Achievement Eddie O’Gorman of Children with Cancer UK Paul O'Grady
Special Recognition Emma Picton-Jones
Men & Women of the RAF


The 2019 awardees were:[12]

Award Winner
Child Of Courage Jaydee-Lee Dummett
Special Recognition Margaret Walker
Child Of Courage Dante Marvin
Child Of Courage Ben Hedger
Special Recognition Josh Littlejohn and Alice Thompson
Lifetime Achievement Elizabeth Anionwu
Prince's Trust Young Achiever Hezron Brown
Emergency Services Stevie Bull
Young Fundraiser Of The Year Aaron Hunter
TSB Community Partner Ben Clifford
Fundraiser Of The Year Jamie McDonald
Outstanding Bravery Award Daniel Nicholson and Joel Snarr


On 23 April 2020, a special award was given to Captain Tom Moore for his fund-raising efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic.[13]

The 2020 awards proper were televised on ITV on 1 November 2020.[14]

Award Winner
Child Of Courage Sebastian Williams
Child Of Courage Emmie Narayn-Nicholas
Special Recognition Rhian Mannings
Special Recognition Captain Tom Moore
Special Recognition NHS Frontline Heroes
Special Recognition Marcus Rashford
Special Recognition Lord Herman Ouseley
Lifetime Achievement Ben Helfgott
Prince's Trust Young Achiever Rebecca Beattie
This Morning Emergency Services PC Claire Bond
Good Morning Britain Young Fundraiser Tony Hudgell
TSB Community Partner Dena Murphy
ITV Fundraiser Major Chris Brannigan


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