Pride of Performance

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Pride of Performance
Country Islamic Republic of Pakistan
First awarded 1958 (first award given)
Last awarded 2014 (Last award given)

Pride of Performance (Urdu: تمغۂ حسنِ کارکردگی‎—Tamġa-ē Ḥusn-e Kārkardagī) is one of the highest awards conferred by the Government of Pakistan on Pakistani civilians in recognition of distinguished meritorious work in the fields of literature, arts, sports, medicine, and science. It has no particular official standing in the Pakistani civil decorations hierarchy.[1]

The announcement of this award, and other governmentally conferred civil awards, is generally made once a year on Pakistan's Independence Day (14 August each year). Then the awards are conferred by the President of Pakistan at a ceremony that takes place on the following Pakistan Day (23 March each year).[2][3]

List of recipients[edit]


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