Priekule, Latvia

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Priekule church
Priekule church
Coat of arms of Priekule
Coat of arms
Priekule is located in Latvia
Location in Latvia
Coordinates: 56°27′N 21°35′E / 56.450°N 21.583°E / 56.450; 21.583Coordinates: 56°27′N 21°35′E / 56.450°N 21.583°E / 56.450; 21.583
Country Latvia
DistrictPriekule municipality
Town rights1928
 • Total5.4 km2 (2.1 sq mi)
(January 01, 2010)
 • Total2,441
 • Density452.04/km2 (1,170.8/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+2 (EET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+3 (EEST)
Postal code
Calling code+371 634

Priekule (About this soundpronunciation ; German: Preekuln) is a town in southwestern Latvia in Priekule Municipality.


Priekule is first mentioned as a fortified manor in 1483 but only began to grow as a town after 1871 when the Liepāja - Vilnius railway was built through Priekule.[1] It was granted town rights in 1928 by the Latvian government.

The church has been small at all times, it can fit in itself up to 100 people.

History says, that the first flight in the history of Latvia, as we know it today, happened from the tower of this church. This happened in 21 October 1670. It was made by Icarus of Priekule. It is assumed that he climbed up the tower and flew 2 versts far ( it is a Russian mesure 1 verst = 1.1km or 0.66 mile), but landed and broke his leg. Although the baron Korf defended the blacksmith, most of the people considered it to be impossible to do the flight without the help of the devil, so the daredevil was brought to trial in Grobina and burnt alive. Actually his name wasn’t Icarus at all, the contradictory sources call him the Blacksmith of Edas Copperkiln, or also Johanson (Johns son - the swedish). But the thing that the people agree upon is - that Priekules manors blacksmith is the first in Latvia which has succeeded to fulfill the human dream of flying.

Please contact us about your plans of visiting, if you wish to climb the tower and feel like Icarus of Priekule.

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