Priestfield railway station

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The derelict remains of the station in 1978.
Wolverhampton bound tram at site of the former Priestfield railway Station

Priestfield railway station was a junction station built by the Oxford, Worcester and Wolverhampton Railway in 1854. It was situated on the junction of the Oxford-Worcester-Wolverhampton Line and the London (Paddington) to Birkenhead via Birmingham (Snow Hill). The station eventually closed in 1972, although mainline services were withdrawn by 1967, and only single railcars operated to Snow Hill, the OWW Line closing in 1962. It was the first station south of Wolverhampton Low Level. After the withdrawal of passenger services, the line remained open to goods trains until December 1982.[1]

Today, Priestfield refers to the Midland Metro stop a short distance away from the station's original position. The tram line opened on 31 May 1999, restoring the use of the line after more than 16 years in disuse.

Preceding station Disused railways Following station
Bilston Central   Great Western Railway
Later British Rail
Birmingham-Wolverhampton (1854-1972)
  Wolverhampton Low Level
Bilston West   Oxford, Worcester and Wolverhampton Railway
Later Great Western Railway, then British Rail
Oxford-Worcester-Wolverhampton (1852-1962)


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Coordinates: 52°34′13″N 2°05′47″W / 52.5704°N 2.0965°W / 52.5704; -2.0965